LMS Pricing Guide: How to find which Pricing Model works best for your Business

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Whenever we make any purchase, the first thought that enters our mind is “pricing”; Similarly, every penny invested in a business should turn up to be beneficial. 

As many businesses and organizations are continuously striving to enhance their overall improvement, it is ideal to pick the right Learning Management System (LMS) for training their employees.

However, the struggle to choose the right LMS is chaotic over numerous options available in the market. 

Accordingly, our Industrial & Manufacturing LMS pricing guide will give you enough insights to decide the right fit for your business.

LMS learning

Per Month

The pay per user for a month is one of the most preferred payment options. This pricing model implies the fact that LMS vendors charge based on the active users enrolled for the course or the number of users using the system.

Besides, the vendor charges an initial registration fee for creating an account. Generally, this monthly payment for LMS starts from $5 per learner.  

If you have a Small or Medium-Sized Business (SMBs) and need general training for your employees, then this model is the best fit for you. 

Per Use

Customization is the main advantage of LMS. The “Per Use” model has a set of personalized features, modules, and tools based on your needs. You can pay only for those features you are using. 

And charges are based on the number of users, modules in use, and the content consumed by the enrolled users. It varies from every LMS vendor.

Usually, peruse plans cost around $1-$10 per learner and use. Specifically, this pricing model is suitable for businesses that doesn’t require regular employee training.

LMS software

Per Course

Some LMS vendors charge per course for those employees who require special certification for their job responsibility. 

At these times of urgency, LMS vendors offer industrial & manufacturing LMS pricing and content from their internal library or third-party partners.

Moreover, in this pricing model, as the users are getting exclusive content, they are charged premium prices. For training programs involving healthcare, safety, and human resources, this pricing plan is perfect as it is available at a specified time.

Licensing fee

The licensing fee is suitable, especially for companies that planned to install LMS software permanently in their workplace.

As a result, the licensing fees charge as one time upfront fee or annually. Additionally, this procedure involves installation fees, training, and data migration expenses as well.

Some of the regular industrial & manufacturing LMS pricing ranges from $400 to $25000 along with a setting up cost of $20000. Every mid-sized to large businesses can opt for this model by developing an internal professional team to handle it. 

FREE Options

Beyond these regular plans, there are some other industrial & manufacturing LMS pricing plans for free called freemium and open source. 

While these FREE plans sound captivating, they often arise with their limitations and hidden costs.

For example, A Freemium plan has accessibility to basic features for a certain number of users. Eventually, it makes the business/individual urges to upgrade in the future.

In the case of open software, LMS gives the freedom of access to all its users, but the downside is you need an IT specialist to install and configure it. As it demands expertise in HTML and programming, this factor is essential.

Additional cost

In addition to all the pricing plans, every industrial & manufacturing LMS pricing cost other than subscription fees. 

It includes implementation, training, support, maintenance, and content creation. These facilities are vital to facilitate the primary functioning of the LMS. 

Sometimes, you can create the content for training, yet other factors aren’t compromised. You can hire a PEO to do your HR’s job. There are International Payroll Services available who will provide their assistance all over the world. 

The Bottom Line

Even though you consider the features in any LMS, it is equally significant to plan based on the LMS pricing. So, confirm all the details regarding the modules and pricing with your LMS vendors before making a purchase.


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