Classy Watches: the First Choice of a Gentleman

words Al Woods

A modern gentleman’s status is mostly reflected in his style, also in the accessories he wears. One of these elements is a wristwatch that has long been performing a time indicating function but somewhat became a full-fledged piece of jewelry.

luxury men Watches

Buying a new watch is considered an investment, as the price range of watches depends on brands, models and the purposes of their use. Before purchasing one, it is recommended to examine your budget, think through the features you want your watch to have and ways of wearing it.

When choosing a perfect watch, you need to pay attention to many details, such as watch case material and the dial thickness and color, as well as learn more about its movement mechanisms, and pick the right one (or better two!). Here are some tips on how to find your perfect timepiece:


Choose your watch with special care – consider the watch case’s color and shape to make your whole look consistent and appropriate. As a rule, men choose the classic round or rectangular shape of the dial. A laconic model without unnecessary jewelry is suitable for everyday wear, while an evening look is more effectively emphasized by a watch trimmed with precious stones.

Pay attention to the watch’s color, particularly its band, to ensure that your outfit has no more than one or two bright details. The watch needs to match your clothing style, but it does not mean your outfits must be boring. For example, feel free to combine Hip Hop iced out watches with dressy tuxedos for a more dapper, Jay-Z inspired look.

With a leather watch, it is recommended to combine it in color and texture with the leather of the belt, briefcase, and shoes you wear. Similarly, the metal case’s color should match other metal parts of your look, such as cufflinks, belt buckle, or tie clip.

Sports watch models are suitable for men leading an active lifestyle or those who adhere to a sporty clothing style, preferring jeans to trousers, sneakers to dress shoes. In addition to the appropriate design, these watches have many special features, ranging from regular water resistance, a timer and stopwatch to a chronograph and even a digital compass.

Classy Watches

Metal or Leather

Men who prefer an active lifestyle usually choose watches with a metal bracelet. They are more durable than leather as they are less exposed to the environment’s impact and moisture. The most popular models are titanium alloy, brass, and stainless steel, which can serve you up to 15 years. Moreover, a men’s watch with a silver or gold bracelet will add a touch of luxury and exclusivity to your overall look.

Favorites among modern watches for men are models with leather straps. As a rule, the material is calfskin, but exotic lovers may prefer more expensive models made of crocodile or sharkskin.

Movement Maintenance

Proper care is crucial for watches of any kind and price range to make them serve you long and well. The most important thing to keep in mind is the watch’s calibers and how to maintain them.

A mechanical movement is more typical for high-end timepieces. The whole mechanism here is a complex and intricate sequence of tiny elements that function together and power the watch. You will need to wind it up manually to fill the mainspring of the mechanism with energy. Many owners have a habit of twisting the winding head every time they put the accessory on their hand – it is a mistake that can lead to an early failure of the mechanism. Try to rewind it with the frequency that the manufacturer advises.

A quartz movement is characterized by high accuracy and minimal requirements. You will only need to replace the batteries periodically. They make the watch’s price tag relatively cheap since they are powered from an external source.

An automatic movement is an independent mechanism that powers the watch from the owner’s hand and wrist’s natural moves. However, those movements are sufficient for their continuous functioning only if you wear your watch every day.


Your watch tells a lot about you: from your preferences and style to your position in society and success. For that reason, when choosing a timepiece, you need to pay attention even to the smallest details, starting from the color and material of the watch band and ending with the dial’s shape.

Today you should have two or three watches: for everyday wear and an evening out. A universal model is a watch with a metal bracelet – they are suitable for both a daily casual look and a more formal one. Watches with a leather strap not so long ago were considered a style element for more formal events, but now also apply to everyday accessories.

Picking a high-quality watch, no matter whether it will be a luxury watch or one in a stainless steel case, and taking proper care of it will allow you to use it longer than a decade – it is an investment that is worth it.


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