A Year In Review: 2020 Hairstyle Trends To Take Note Of

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2020 will soon be the year that was. As a brand-new year will soon start to unfold, now is the best time more than ever to look back and review the various trends that stood out.

Even if most of the world went on a standstill with social distancing and lockdown regulations, there were still fashion and hair trends that stood out. You may be reading this now, as you could be one of those looking for a way to revamp your look. There’s no better time than now to browse through the possible hair styles you can apply as the new year unveils.

In retrospect, here are some of the best hair style trends from 2020 that’ll most likely also make a mark in the coming year.

Hairstyle Trends 2021

Natural Hair

Wearing your natural hair means showing off the natural textures you have. For instance, women who have naturally curly hair were more likely to be seen rocking it this year. Some are doing it by choice, while there are also those who simply can’t do anything else as hair treatments were out of the question.

You can rock your natural hair with the help of the right styling products that match your hair’s texture, style and color. If you’re worried about the appearance of your natural hair, you can also try to improve your hair with certain products and remove buildup with a clarifying shampoo.

Short Hair

Short hair was super popular in 2020, mainly because of its ease of styling. Especially as most women had to stay and work from home, schedules got even more hectic that it just seemed almost impossible to have all that extra time to have a hair treatment done. More so, salons had to close for a time, because these establishments weren’t considered as essential. Hence, short hair became all the rage because it’s fuss-free and very easy to maintain.

Asymmetrical Hairstyles

In the coming years, hairstyles may feature asymmetry, as it has gone popular in 2020. These hairstyles are simple to accomplish as well as quite fashionable.

When choosing an asymmetrical style, it’s important to ensure that the style doesn’t include too many layers and isn’t worn too long. Asymmetrical hairstyles are very flattering and can create a dramatic look.

When choosing between asymmetrical and traditional styles, it’s important to consider how the different styles will work with different facial structures and hair textures. A good stylist can help you select the best option for your face shape.


Among all short hairstyles, one that’s set to reign supreme is the classic bob. It may not seem like it, but a bob is actually one of the most versatile hair styles to have. It’s so easy to style and you can transform it from a casual do to a sleek hairstyle for more formal occasions.

If you’re not into the blunt bob, you can also opt for these other bob haircuts:

  • Angled bob. As its name implies, this kind of bob features an angled cut, rather than a blunt tip. This would also look great when the hair is dyed ombre or soft hues of browns.
  • Tousled lob. If you’re still on the fence about cutting your hair really, really short, you can opt for a lob instead. This is the slang for a long bob, which is cut approximately around shoulder length.
  • French bob. This is a messy-looking bob, finished off with bangs.
  • Colored Hair

The hairstyle trends of the next decade, starting off with 2020, will be centered around hair colors. This is because during this year, most women have no choice but to DIY their hair treatments, and hair colors are the easiest to do from home. You won’t even have to be an expert with styling for you to learn how to color your hair.  

Women, in particular have been more adventurous with trying out hair color in different shades. Some opt for softer changes, while there are also those that are adventurous enough to try out bolder colors. The key is to choose one you’re comfortable in, and that which you know for certain you prefer, and you can style.

Hairstyle Trends


If you’re a fan of classic, timeless styles then you may well want to consider styling your hair after the latest best trends of 2020. There’s a vast array of styles available, and the ones listed above are only a few. These hairstyles are easy to maintain and keep up with, so it’s likely that some new twists on classic styles will emerge in the coming year. You can also create some interesting and unique looks with the help of trendy hair tools and accessories.  


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