Fashionable short hairstyles for fine hair 2019

Fashionable short hairstyles for fine hair 2019 – words Al Woods

short hairstyles 2019

Women with thin hair think that it is a curse. However, that is not the truth. If well handled, thin hair can be very appealing. This guide shows you some of the best short hairstyles for fine hair that you can sport for a glamorous look. There are numerous short haircuts for thin hair just make sure you choose the right style.

So how should you style your fine hair? Start by blow-drying the roots of your thin hair. Decide which direction you will blow-dry your hair and finish the ends with a straightener, brush or curling iron. There are different styling products you can use after blow-drying your hair. Just be sure that the ones you choose have a low degree of fixation to avoid weighing down your fine hair. Let’s look at some of the popular short hairstyles for fine hair.

Fashionable short hairstyles

Tapered Bowl Cut

The word ‘bowl cut’ may not be taken well by most ladies but listen to us.  This look is being sported by who is who is who in the entertainment industry and this shows how popular the style is nowadays. It is pretty chic and edgy look.

The beautiful boyish cut features extended and shaggy layers at the top and buzzed nape that begins right above the ear. When you straighten the hair and wear it subtly tousled, it is an entirely stunning and sass look.

Fashionable short hairstyles

A-Line Bob

Well, it is time we agree that short hairstyles for fine hair can be tricky to style. Over-style it and you get total frizz. Ignore the style, and you get a limp look. So what should you do in this situation?

Fortunately, A-line bob exists in between what you want and how the hair should be styled. Just incorporate more layers to enhance volume and gradually incline the style for required depth.

Two-Toned Stacked Bob

Ladies with thin hair require enough volume which is only achieved by choosing the right hairstyle. This bob is a low maintenance style that offers you enough lift at the nape. It also allows you to add some bangs and light highlights for a fascinating appeal.

short hairstyles 2019

Messy Honey Blonde Style

This is the best short hairstyles for fine hair in case you are struggling on how to get one. You can create an impression of thick hair by telling your stylist to style your fine hair in loose, tousled waves. Complement the style with honey blonde colour so that you can say bye to bad hair days.

Balayage Bob and Layers

One element that has made this haircut win hearts of many women is its multi-seasonal capabilities-you can wear it throughout the year. Tell your stylist to style perfectly-blended brown, blonde shade, and then blow dry the hair to get a beautiful rounded bob look.

Short Red Cut with Feathery Layers

By including gentle, feathery layers into your tresses with fine texture, you automatically enhance thickness which is an integral aspect in this look. That is the method employed in this style. You can also boost the dimension of the cut by incorporating caramel accents. This is one of the short hairstyles for fine hair which is currently trending so you should hurry and get it.

Fashionable short hairstyles for fine hair 2019

Stacked Choppy Bob

Who denies that one of the trendiest short hairstyles for fine hair is a standard bobbed crop? The hair is kept chin length and stacked layers styled at the back. A cut with perfect shape and coarse texture are excellent for women with round face. It brings an illusion of longer and thinner face, which is what most women with round face want to achieve.

Short Straight Bob

The colour you choose, the layers you incorporate, and the shape of the hairstyle play a great role in determining how best the thickness of your thin hair enhanced. For instance, this short bob features piece-y layers to improve volume.  The blonde accents on the dark roots promote more depth.


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