Wardrobe essentials 2017 to watch out for this Autumn

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Wardrobe essentials 2017 to watch out for this Autumn – words Alexa Wang

As the seasons change, as do our favourite fashion trends. It might seem a little early to be thinking about autumn before summer has even arrived, but not in the fashion world.

As the summer sun fades away for another year, it’s time to put the summer clothes back in your wardrobe ready for the autumnal colours make a reappearance. Influenced by the excitement of an evening in the city, belted coats, fishnets, and vintage-inspired fur coats are all returning to our wardrobes this season.

Dressing for autumn can be difficult – it can be cool but not freezing so how do you dress for that medium? Trilogy Stores, retailers of designer boyfriend jeans have put together a small guide of wardrobe essentials 2017 to keep you fashionable this autumn. You’ll be able to make the most of autumnal-chic, and glide effortlessly into the winter months without any fashion faux pas.



Blue is in

When summer has gone, as are the eye-catching pinks, and dashing scarlets. Once the leaves start to change colour, so does fashion. It’s all about the dusky modest blues to define autumn this year. Labelled as the new ‘it’ colour, the moody notes incorporated by dark blues within an outfit can really make a lasting impression. The many shades of blue is one of the fashion essentials for 2017.

Keep it subtle by wearing a pale blue shirt with slim-fitting grey trousers for an outfit – or, alternatively, make a statement with a brighter coloured blue mac to create a contrast between your outfit and the autumnal environment around you.

The power suit

The female suit is back – and is set to go global by September. It oozes independence, sass and power. Very much one of your work wardrobe essentials.

The suit classics are making a comeback. Elegantly designed slacks and pressed double-breasted jackets are all the rage this autumn; together with pronounced shoulders and shoulder-width trousers, the suit helps to reappropriate a masculine look for the female fashion-forward. Don’t worry, this isn’t a return of the eighties; it’s power-dressing in 2017.

The no-wrinkle jacket

Autumn is that time of year between the year’s highest temperatures and then its lowest. So, what jacket do you wear? Whether you’re going to a festival, or walking through town, a nylon coat is the transitional outerwear that you’ve been looking for. Without fear of any wrinkles, this type of coat is similar to a mac, and can be packed away in your suitcase to take to any event without any hassle. Good one to add to your wardrobe essentials checklist.

Emphasise your silhouette

The belted coat is set to be big this autumn – the perfect wardrobe staple to see you through the season. Expressing effortless sophistication, the belt adds and extra layer of depth to your coat and helps to define your waistline in a way that is flattering. Show off your silhouette.

The belt is key here, whether you pair it with a fur jacket or a trench coat, the belt is the accessory that ties your outfit together.

Wide waisted belts are making a comeback in general – not just when paired with our favourite autumn coats. They can be added to an evening dress to define your curves and draw attention to your silhouette. Browns, blacks, and reds are colours that aren’t only popular, but help you to channel the natural colours of the season.





Wardrobe essentials 2017 to watch out for this Autumn – words Alexa Wang




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