Modern history of sex toys in India

Modern history of sex toys in India – words Alexa Wang

The secrets out. Sex toys in India are becoming a more popular and more accessible trade thanks to online commerce. Learn how this burgeoning industry is taking body positivity and sexual exploration to the next level.

While contemporary media tends to focus on sexuality in terms of women’s liberation, countries like India are hoping to take these new frontiers to a wider perspective.

Indian sex toy companies, most notably those that rule the internet, are not only pushing for more contemporary ideas about sex itself, but also all of the toys, oddities, and preferences that go along with it.


History of sex toys in India

India has had a rather confusing and often complicated relationship with sexuality. Some of the oldest known sexual texts are born of Indian culture. The Kamasutra, considered to be the standard work on human sexual behavior, is believed to have been composed somewhere between 400 BCE and 200 CE. While it does discuss an array of different subjects, around 20% of the text is devoted entirely to the joys of sex… and the liberal use of sex toys in India.

This text was a cornerstone of ancient spirituality in India, and afforded both women and men alike a liberal amount of sexual freedom. Following the annexation of the Indian subcontinent by the British, a more puritanical attitude towards sex was adopted. This view was further compounded by the influences of Islam in contemporary society, which left India more sexuality conservative than it had ever been in the past.

In modern law, the sale of sex toys in India isn’t prohibited per se, but the archaic, and often criticized obscenity laws prevent most retailers from openly marketing their wares. The laws themselves are vague at best, and the most notable of them (section 292 of Indian Penal Code) is over 155 years old. This causes some serious disruption in where exactly the public stands with its sexuality.

How the opinion of sex toys in India influences society

A myriad of cultural and ethical discussions can evolve from the subject of sexuality. In sexually repressed countries, both sexual and psychological health has been seen to suffer. Countries that have more conservative views on sexuality have been found to have higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases, sexual assault, gender dysphoria, paraphilic disorders, and even infanticide.

Some experts suggest that an inability to discuss sexuality leads to an inability to deal with any negative repercussions of that sexuality. That repression has been affecting Indian society for many years, with an increase in sexual slavery and misogynistic tendencies that can be easily correlated with the advent of colonial rule.

How do sex toys in India work?

While obscenity laws prevent most retailers from selling their wares in public, the internet has sparked a sexual revolution. Adult Products India, a website devoted with providing sexual enhancement and sex toys in India since 2010, has been improving the sexual attitudes and health of both men and women.

“It is important that people become more comfortable and empowered with their sexuality” a spokesperson for Adult Products India says. “it strengthens bonds and promotes safety and security in our culture.”

Adult Products India encourages everyone to explore their natural sexuality. “It is a natural thing. It is something that we should celebrate, not condemn.” Through discreet packaging and fair prices, Adult Products India hopes to bring sexual satisfaction to all of its customers. “We want to start the conversation, not dominate it. We are more interested in our client’s happiness and health than we are in what they are purchasing”.

Each item that is available on their website has a warm and understandable description. The website even offers clients an open door policy on communication, giving them an email address and phone number to call should they have “questions about your order or about any other matter”.

The drive to promote communication and comfortability with sexuality is something that they hope will help shape the world into a happier and more enjoyable place. This has been proven by their customer committed attitude for eight years. “We do not judge our customers. We are here to provide support and joy whether you are single or in a relationship. Communication is very important to us.”

Modern approaches to sex toys in India

With online pioneers like Adult Products India paving the way for a hopeful sexual revolution, where do sex toys in India stand now? The government still refuses to acknowledge their usefulness. To the point where in 2018, they still consider them “morally degrading”. Yes, you heard correctly. It’s 2018 and the patent office of India just rejected a patent for a vibrator. Even a professor at India’s National Law School got in on the debate, condemning the decision and stating “Officials trained in technical science are not supposed to decide whether an invention is moral or immoral.”

But so far, that hasn’t seemed to stop many people from purchasing toys and other enhancement products to spice up their bedroom lives. Purchases of sex toys in India have definitely been on the upswing, with its far reaching patronage shocking many retailers.

“We have customers from all over India, from rural to urban areas, male to female, and in any number of age ranges. It’s very exciting to see this movement being translated to such a wide population.” Adult Products India spokesperson confides.  Despite the laws concerning obscenity, sex toys in India are definitely on trend. With sales soaring, India’s obvious desire to continue with their sexual revolution with or without government approval is here to stay.

Consumers have spoken. Through purchase trends, they have asked to move forward to a brighter and more sexually empowered culture. Centered around personal choice and sexual gratification. Whether or not this trend continues into a more modern view on sexuality for the country has yet to be seen. Only time will tell if India’s government is willing to listen to the demands of their people, and help guide them into their basic rights and desires.




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