Top tips for getting it right when staying in a hostel

Top tips for getting it right when staying in a hostel – words Al Woods

If you will be staying in a hostel for the very first time, you are likely to be worried about the kind of experience to expect. You have probably scoured the internet for information on staying in a hostel and you tend to get a little bit scared with all the horror stories you get.

Yes, some of those bad stuff you read happen in the hostels are true, but some are just exaggeration. However, you owe yourself the duty and responsibility to stay safe at the hostel, and to help you out, here is a look at some of the top safety tips you should consider if you want to have a nice stay in any hostel around the world-:

backpackerKnow the place before you arrive

Your first safety tip should be to have a good idea of where you are headed to. For example, if you are going to a trip in Canada and you have decided to stay in a hostel, don’t wait till the last minute when you are sending the Canada ETA form for you to start checking out the hostel.  Do this in good time, and find as much information as you can possibly get so that you have a clear picture of where you will be spending your nights.

Be careful with your choice of the room

staying in a hostelThe room you choose in the hostel will have a great impact on the experience you are going to have. Do you desire a single-sex room, coed, one with 4 beds, 10 beds etc? These have a direct impact on your comfort and safety and if you don’t take them seriously, some of the hotel horrors you read about might turn out to be true, like sleeping with a couple having sex all night without caring about your presence in the same room. 

Always go for a bottom bunker bed

staying in a hostel

When you are choosing your bed, always choose the bottom bunker beds. This is because they are easy to access and you can use the space beneath the bed to store away some of the stuff during the night. You will also have easy access to the electronic outlets which will come handy when you need to charge your phone or laptop overnight. The top beds usually come with unnecessary stress beginning with having to use the ladder, which I guess not may us fancy. 

Invest in your own sheets

Hygiene in the hostel is a great concern to many people and if you are the kinds who cherish clean stuff, right from the bedsheets to the towels, you will have to come prepared with your own just in case you are not pleased with what you find in the hostel. It is no secret that some hostels are nothing but a horde of crap and will avail to you very dirty sheets smelling cum or request you to rent out clean ones for every night you will spend in that place. Save yourself the trouble and have some peace of mind by arming yourself with your own.

Carry earplugs

staying in a hostelYou probably read that sometimes you may fail to catch some sleep because of too much noise in the hostels. Well, there are a lot of things that do happen in the hostel and which can easily make you not fall asleep. Earplugs are some of the accessories you must have if you plan on sleeping in a hostel, especially if you are a light sleeper. Can you imagine spending the entire day having lots of fun on the outdoors and coming back in the hostel to catch some sleep, but you are forced to sleep at three in the morning because some dunderheads could tone down their voices that night? These are the kinds of trouble you don’t have to run into when you have a nice pair of earplugs.

Watch your valuables

student travelYou are your own keeper in the hostel. Don’t think there will be anyone to help you take care of your valuables, not even the hotel staff. For this reason, you must very vigilant with your items and always ensure they are safe at all times. Make good use of the lockers provided and lock any time you wouldn’t wish to lose while in the hostel. If there are no lockers, get a soft flat bag and stuff in all your items then sleep with this bag close to your neck where you can easily realize when someone is making a move on it. Always know that not everyone in the hostel is like you who wouldn’t mind about other people’s stuff. Some are in the hostel for this very reason.

Don’t advertise your valuables

Another part of watching your valuables is not to advertise them. If you have a very powerful phone or camera, or perhaps you have an expensive watch or a piece of jewelry, don’ be a stud by letting everyone in the hotel know that you have them. Don’t display your expensive DSLR camera where everyone can see it or don’t leave your expensive watch by the pillow when you go for a shower. You will be doing nothing but attracting unnecessary attention to yourself and to your values and don’t be surprised or ask anyone about the whereabouts of your valuables. You advertised it to them and they came for it. Deal with your situation.

Go to a single-sex hostel if you are traveling alone

If you are a traveling solo, then go for single-sex hostels or floors. For example, if you are a female solo traveler, go for female-only hostels or floors and the same should be the case for solo male travelers. The reason for this should be pretty obvious. You should never attempt to book a hostel if you can’t determine this status. It is a recipe for chaos, especially for women at night. You may not withstand dealing with a bunch of alcoholics on a shared floor and also you will be exposing yourself to unnecessary dangers when you can stay safely in a female-only floor or hostel.


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