Long vs. Short Bridesmaid Dresses: Choosing the Right Length

words Alexa Wang

Numerous decisions go into organizing a wedding, and one of them is selecting the best bridesmaid gowns! In addition to style, color, and fabric, you’ll want to think about the length as well.

Choosing the length of the dress is a difficult task for most brides. Perhaps you’re getting married in July, but your love long bridesmaid gowns. Or maybe you adore short cocktail dresses, but your bridesmaids are hesitant to display their legs. If you’re undecided and unsure, make it easy by checking out stunning dusty rose dresses on Cicinia Bridesmaid Dresses and consider these aspects before making your ultimate choice.

Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Factors To Consider When Choosing Between Long and Short Bridesmaid Dresses:

1. The level of formality.

Fortunately, today’s dresses are basic enough to be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For many brides, this is still an important consideration! For a religious wedding, some families prefer that the bridesmaids wear long gowns with higher necklines and/or sleeves to cover their shoulders and arms fully. There is nothing wrong with wearing knee-length dresses if you are having a low-key wedding, such as at your family’s house or an informal dining hall!

2. Your passion for footwear.

Almost all of us have at least one pair of shoe-obsessed buddies who are always eager to flaunt their current pair. Knee-length dresses are the greatest option if that friend is you! So, whether you choose the fashionable shoes, they’ll be wearing or let them pick their own, wearing Short Bridesmaid Dresses will be a fun fashion statement!

3. The Wedding season and weather.

Wedding season and weather are extremely important factors to consider when selecting bridesmaid gowns. Nothing beats being extremely cold while taking outside photographs or sweating buckets in a thick, heavy garment. Be informed of the potential temperature and weather patterns during the month you choose to marry. If you decide to deviate from the standard, make sure your bridesmaids have everything they need to be entirely comfortable. If that means using handheld electric fans, hand warmers, and cardigans, go for it. I can assure you that your generosity will be much appreciated!

Short Bridesmaid Dresses

4. Your preferred material.

It’s time to confront reality. Some fabrics look better in specific lengths. Stiff, structured materials, such as satin and taffeta, look significantly better in short designs than in full-length gowns. The same is true with lace. Not only do these materials appear better in short bridesmaid dresses, but can you imagine spending an entire day clothed from neck to toe in such a thick fabric? On the other hand, Chiffon looks stunning in both lengths, although brides prefer full-length bridesmaid dresses for a more sentimental, whimsical appeal.

5. Your bridesmaids’ heights.

Not all maids are created equal. Your bridal party may include women of various sizes and heights. If you choose short bridesmaid dresses and have them all hemmed at the same height just above the knee, everyone will look their best. It’s quite OK to go with long bridesmaid dresses but bear in mind that not all manufacturers offer extra length for dresses if your maid is particularly tall. A full-length gown may also drown your extra-petite bridesmaids, making them appear extra-short. That’s not good at all.

6. The Cost Factor

Short dresses may be slightly less expensive than their longer counterparts. So, if you want to save money on your wedding, you might shorten the fabric on the bridesmaid dresses and go for equally attractive short bridesmaid dresses. You might be able to find plain and simple short bridesmaid dresses for a good price.

By keeping these mentioned tips in mind when choosing bridesmaid dresses, you can easily get the ideal length of the dress for your bridesmaids that complements the theme of your wedding ceremony. If you’ve chosen a specific color scheme for your wedding, having bridesmaid gowns in the same shade or perhaps including some components of the color on their dresses will blend the dresses with everything in your wedding theme. Whichever bridesmaid dress length you choose, be sure to have all your bridesmaids try on their gowns concurrently to determine how good/bad they look in their dresses. At Cicinia, their mission is to ensure that every bridesmaid looks and feels her very best, which begins with finding the right (and most fitting) short bridesmaid dress.


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