Italian women’s clothing: the new and trendy dress codes

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Italian clothing: dress codes

A flagship for the economy of the Bel Paese, synonymous with extreme excellence and impeccable aesthetic taste, and a symbol of high quality tailoring and timeless elegance, the Italian fashion and textile industry continues to be an icon of style that is known and appreciated all over the world.
Among the most sought-after garments that, season after season, generate a greater level of interest, womens Italian clothing represents one of fashion’s greatest boasts, with trends coming off the catwalks and quickly spreading to every woman’s wardrobe. In this article we analyze what the 2024 trends in Made in Italy women’s fashion will be.

Italian women’s clothing trends 2024: street style

The fashion shows that revealed the collections for the spring-summer 2024 seasons decreed that the new trend in Italian women’s clothing is street style. Let’s start with the confirmations: among the coolest looks, for at least the first few months of the year, maxi down jackets, hoodies, oversized cardigans in impalpable fabric, and crop pullovers will continue to go strong.
As for the warmer season, novelties will undoubtedly concern blazers, which will be strictly smart with sleeves tucked in or cut-out, that is, made with cut-out details that add a touch of style and uncover some skin.
The top garment, on the other hand, will be a surprise novelty: the tank top worn as an under-jacket with black fitted pants, as well as sleeveless turtleneck tops.

The basic and minimal style

A real must-have for spring-summer 2024 season will be the minimalist style with understated lines, composed of evergreen and timeless classics, with some top-quality vintage pieces and others tailored.
The classic concept of “less is more” will become a true statement, with Italian women’s clothing focusing on authenticity and clean beauty: straight-leg jeans, white T-shirts, exclusively black sheath dresses, and classy cut shirts and sweaters.
The trend that is expected to be most popular among basic outfits will propose a mix and match between garments inspired by the wardrobe of yesteryear and more modern and contemporary proposals: for example, cropped jeans accompanied by an old cardigan or a very classic knit vest.
The palette will be neutral and patterns will be used in moderation, with preference given to monochromatic outfits. Inevitable then is red in accessories, to be combined with total white or very sober outfits to give color and light to one’s outfit. Definitely worth trying are also sporty chic contaminations and urban influences, with the addition of oversize jackets and shirts to enrich one’s look, to be worn with shorts and crop tops, but always in neutral colors.
It is, therefore, a new Made in Italy that marries the concepts of composure and refinement and focuses on a more easy, but still chic fashion.

The coquette style

Light transparencies, lace and bows become a hallmark in the coquette looks that will romanticize the upcoming warm season.
It is a style that will emphasize the female form, playing with balloon sleeves, fitted cuts, luxury details and glossy-finish materials designed to create outfits that are sensual and captivating and, at the same time, innocent and boyish.
The colors that will be in vogue will be classic white, cream, red and Barbie pink, with dark versions giving even more appeal to this type of women’s apparel.

The Mob wife style

The major fashion runways are not the only ones launching the fashion trends of the year. In an era where Social is ruling the roost and TV Series are going crazy, here is a new super fashion trend that is already going viral when it comes to women’s clothing: sobriety is being put in a drawer in favor of looks that want to get noticed and to make an over the top outfit.
We are talking about the Mob Wife Style, which, following what are the prevailing dictates of TV series characters, involves flashy and extravagant outfits: fake fur coats with leopard prints, dresses with animalier patterns, flashy jewelry, tight and super colored pants, as well as heavy makeup on the face. Everything in a strictly vintage way, in a 70s, 80s, 90s glamour concept that is coming back strongly in fashion, especially among the younger generation.


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