6 Things You Didn’t Know About Motorcycle Riders

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Motorcycle riders have long been considered a breed apart. Many people think of them as daredevils who enjoy the thrill of riding at high speeds and weaving in and out of traffic. And while that may be true for some riders, the reality is that motorcycle riding is a serious activity that requires skill, knowledge, and practice. In fact, motorcycle riders are among the most safety-conscious drivers on the road. Here are six things you didn’t know about motorcycle riders.

Motorcycle Riders

1. Their Personality Traits

Contrary to popular belief, motorcycle riders are not all thrill-seekers. In fact, many riders are quite introverted and thoughtful. A study of 1,000 motorcycle riders in the United States found that the average rider is middle-aged, married, and has some college education. Riders are also more likely than non-riders to have an interest in mechanical things and a need for independence. Additionally, people who ride motorcycles usually have a higher level of self-esteem than those who don’t ride. Also, contrary to popular belief, motorcycle riders are not all loners. In fact, many riders enjoy the camaraderie of riding in groups and belong to motorcycle clubs or organizations.

2. How They Spend Their Time

Motorcycle riders are not always on the open road. In fact, most riders only ride a few times a week, and most trips are less than 30 minutes long. When they’re not riding, motorcycle riders typically spend their time doing the same things as non-riders, such as working, spending time with family, and pursuing hobbies. However, motorcycle riders are more likely than non-riders to participate in activities that involve risk-taking, such as skydiving and rock climbing.

3. What Motivates Them to Ride

For many motorcycle riders, riding is not about thrills or adventure. Instead, it’s about the love of the machine and the freedom that comes with being on the open road. For some riders, motorcycle riding is a way to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Additionally, riding can be a form of self-expression, allowing riders to express their individuality. Finally, many riders enjoy the sense of community that comes with belonging to a group of like-minded individuals.

4. The Risks They Take

While motorcycle riders are often considered daredevils, the reality is that they are actually quite safety-conscious. In fact, many riders go to great lengths to reduce the risks associated with riding. For example, riders often wear protective gear, such as helmets and gloves. Additionally, riders typically avoid riding in hazardous weather conditions, such as rain or snow. Finally, riders often take courses to improve their skills and knowledge. For example, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers courses that teach riders how to safely operate a motorcycle. Despite the risks associated with riding, most motorcycle riders are not concerned about being involved in an accident. In fact, the vast majority of riders believe that accidents are caused by other factors, such as driver error or mechanical issues. 

5. Their Relationship with the Law and Economic Impact

Motorcycle riders are not always law-breakers. In fact, many riders are quite law-abiding citizens. However, there are a few instances in which motorcycle riders may break the law. For example, riders may exceed the speed limit or fail to signal when turning. Additionally, some riders may ride without a valid license or insurance. Finally, some riders may ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Also, it should be noted that motorcycle riders are more likely than non-riders to be stopped by the police. Motorcycle riders have a significant economic impact. In fact, the motorcycle industry generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. Additionally, motorcycle riding supports thousands of jobs, including manufacturing, sales, and repairs.

6. How They’re Perceived by Others

Motorcycle riders are often perceived as being tough and rebellious. Additionally, many people believe that motorcycle riders are more likely to be involved in accidents than other drivers. However, the reality is that motorcycle riders are no more likely to be involved in accidents than other drivers. In fact, motorcycle riders are actually quite safety-conscious. Additionally, many riders go to great lengths to reduce the risks associated with riding. 


Motorcycle riders are a diverse group of individuals who share a love of the open road. While some people perceive motorcycle riders as being daring and rebellious, the reality is that most riders are quite safety-conscious. Additionally, motorcycle riding has a significant economic impact and supports thousands of jobs. So, the next time you see a motorcycle rider, remember that they are just like you and me, except they have a passion for riding. 


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