Reasons to join a gym versus the validity of a gym membership trial

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“Once in a while, I’ll get moved to do some exercise. It’s something I long for, but the biggest problem is bending down and putting my tennis shoes on. Once I go out, I’m OK.” – David Soul

validity of a gym

This quotation by David Soul is a reflection of how many people approach the need to exercise. Succinctly stated, exercise and physical fitness are seen as a non-negotiable part of life. Instead, they are often seen as more of an inconvenience or a waste of time than a benefit. And, the connection between physical fitness as a consequence of exercise and mental and emotional health and well-being is not made. 

Joining a gym: The validity of a trial

The cost of living has risen exponentially and not in correlation with the annual wage increases that are currently offered. Consequently, there is a need to determine which expenses are non-essential and which costs are mandatory. And, there is even a greater need to investigate the validity of making essential purchases carefully before signing an annual or two-year contract.

 Furthermore, there are different types of gyms or fitness clubs that cater to different groups of people. A typical example of this is a single-gender gym such as a men-only that targets men who would generally be hesitant to exercise in an environment where all genders are allowed.

Thus, the question that begs is how do you find out whether a specific fitness club space is “your cup of tea?”

The best way to find out if a gym works for you is by signing up for a gym membership trial. This trial will typically allow you full access to all the facilities contained within the gym for a period of time like seven days. And, you will be able to sign up for membership trials at several different facilities to determine which club suits your unique requirements the best. Once you have decided which gym you like the most, you will be able to sign a contract without worrying whether you have made a mistake or not.

is a gym worth it?

Reasons for joining a gym

Now that the possibility of a trial membership has been discussed and validated, let’s look at a few reasons why joining a gym can be considered non-negotiable:

Physical fitness

The increase in severe weather events due to global warming and climate change has made it challenging for people to exercise outdoors daily. Therefore, it is a good idea to join a gym in order to ensure that physical fitness levels are maintained.

It is generally understood that the minimum time per week that people need to exercise is 30 minutes, 5 days per week. And, this exercise should be moderate-intensity aerobic exercise. Taking a slow stroll occasionally will not provide any benefits.

Emotional and mental health and well-being

As discussed by, the psychological benefits of exercise and physical fitness include:

  • Reduced stress levels as well as the improved ability to handle and manage stress
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Increased energy levels
  • A decrease in the symptoms of depression that include low mood, low self-esteem, increased self-hatred

This reason is fundamental to the quality of life. And, if it’s the only reason why you exercise, it is a good thing.

Fitness classes

It is tough to follow a fitness program on your own. Juxtapositionally, joining a gym and signing up for a number of different fitness classes like Yoga and Pilates can solve this challenge and contribute towards the long-term sustainability of your personal fitness journey.

Personal instructors

Most high-quality gyms or fitness clubs employ personal trainers to be on hand to help anyone who is battling to complete a particular exercise successfully. It is vital to ensure that repetitions of exercises targeting certain muscle groups are completed correctly. Otherwise, you run the risk of injuring yourself which, in turn, will set you back while you wait for the injury to heal.

Final words

There are many different reasons why it is a good idea to join a gym. As discussed above, aspects like climate change, the need to improve physical fitness levels, as well as emotional and mental health are not to be ignored or rated as secondary. Your quality of life is critical to your longevity. Thus, staying fit and healthy is a vital part of improving your quality of life and keeping diseases like cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes at bay.


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