Top trends this Autumn

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Autumn is well and truly with us, but we’re not entirely sure we’re ready to leave the summer behind! The good news is that wearing the right clothes for the time of year will ensure that you stay cosy and warm throughout the cooler months. So while the leaves are falling and the afternoons are darkening, natural fibres such as tweed and wool come into their own.

Warm enough to protect against the wind and rain that are a frequent occurrence at this time of year, but flexible enough to layer and wearable in many different ways, these are the ideal fabrics for the Autumn.

You can be sure that wool and tweed will always be on trend, but different styles will be in demand at certain times. Weavers of Ireland has a unique window onto the world of fashion, walking the tightrope between traditional quality and contemporary style. Tweed and wool offer a timeless style that reflects Ireland’s rich heritage, and you’ll love the products we’ve picked out to highlight the top trends of the season.

How To Stay On Trend This Season

Here’s our quick guide to staying on trend with traditional Irish style this Autumn:

Think about colours. Autumn colours are usually more muted than the bright sunny shades we tend to don in the summer months. Burgundy and burnt orange are popular colours at this time of year, and these look great alongside classic shades of black and navy blue. We love this Mucros Poncho in Rust Orange Herringbone, perfect to accessorise any outfit for an autumnal walk or a mooch around town. The natural fibres and techniques used to weave and knit the classic garments that are key to our range are suited to the colours of the countryside and ocean around us, and we make the most of these fabrics and styles with muted colours and gentle tones that reflect all we see in the natural world.

Make the most of plaid this season. We love plaid, it’s a great look and really versatile so you can mix it up and create a variety of styles this season. Whether you opt for a plaid jacket, a plaid cap or a plaid bag, you can make the look work for you and you’ll be right on trend this autumn. We love the way that plaid can be added to an outfit with the Emily Tweed Bag in Green Rust Plaid, and this is an understated way to embrace this classic style. Many of our garments and designs feature classic check patterns and plaid, and this is a stylish nod to the heritage of the families and clans who created them.

Find the right jacket. Jackets are key items for an autumnal wardrobe, especially here in Ireland where we need to wear one almost every time we leave the house! A jacket that works for you and your lifestyle is a must, and you should consider this when choosing one you love. It’s no good having a jacket in your favourite colour that is thin and not waterproof if you spend a lot of time outdoors in challenging weather, for example, so it’s worth exploring your options fully. We love the selection of jackets at Weavers of Ireland, all designed to suit the Irish climate this Autumn. Take a look at the Skellig Ladies Waterproof 3/4 Coat. It’s perfectly suited to the weather, being waterproof and windproof with a detachable hood included. The heritage check lining is a gorgeous reflection of the traditional Irish craft that has included such patterns and colours for many years, and the jacket is entirely practical, including internal leg straps, turn up cuffs

and an elegant cape feature. This is the sort of versatile coat that is ideal for the changing weather conditions, and there are several stunning colours to choose from.

Don’t forget your footwear. When you’re selecting outfits you will wear over and over again this autumn, don’t forget that you’ll need footwear that works with them, too. If you’ve spent a long time putting together an outfit that will keep you warm and dry, you won’t want to ruin it with shoes that let the rain in. Take the time to work out what you need, focusing on colours that will coordinate with the rest of your outfits and the colours you are wearing this year, and look around at several different options before you spend a lot of money.

Accessorise it up. You can create a variety of looks with the same key pieces and colours when you add or change accessories for different occasions. Simply swapping out a functional handbag and adding a stylish clutch will style up your look, and adding statement jewellery can enable you to move from a working day to an evening out with no hassle at all. We have a wide range of stunning scarves, from soft cashmere to woollen gypsy style, as well as irish hats embellished with felted flowers and ties, bow ties and pocket squares to really bring your look up to date. Our hot tip for the forthcoming festive season is our Tweed Hip Flask, the perfect gift for anyone – especially a man who is notoriously tricky to buy for!

History and Fashion Combined

Ireland has a rich heritage and a unique identity, and this is reflected in the beautiful craftsmanship of the clothing and accessories at Weavers of Ireland. You’ll find warm, autumnal colours in garments for men, women and children that are designed to protect against the unreliable Irish weather and combine style and practicality.

Our wool capes, wraps and ponchos are excellent choices for this time of the year, giving you an extra layer to combat the wind and rain, and our caps and hats are a great way to add style and warmth to any outfit. You’ll immediately recognise the purples and pinks that reflect Irish heathers, and the green and blue tones that are echoed throughout the land and sea of this breathtaking country.

Whether you’re looking for a classic Irish Tweed waistcoat, or a soft and luxurious cashmere scarf, you’ll find the ideal selection in our catalogue. These traditional Irish designs are given a contemporary twist by top name brands such as Mucros Weavers and Foxford Woollen Mills, and you will find the perfect accessories to set your outfits off to perfection this Autumn. Check out our Autumn Specials, and don’t forget that we have a beautiful range of products for the home, as well, so that you can embrace traditional Irish style as you cosy up your home for the winter.

Choose Your Statement Pieces Today

The clothing and accessories that are created by Weavers of Ireland are designed to bring Irish heritage into your life on a daily basis, looking great and feeling good, too. You can visit one of our three stores in Ireland, at Killarney, Kenmare, Glengarriff, Kinsale and Galway, or browse our online catalogue at Weavers of Ireland. You’ll find clothing, accessories and home decor, including stunning throws and blankets, in our extensive range.


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