Influencers: Establish a Presence on These 6 High-Visibility Sites Now

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So, you consider yourself an influencer. Whether that’s technically the case or not — and with no universally accepted definition of “influencer,” the question is moot anyway — there’s no harm in acting like an authority on the topics you know well.

But even those whose influence no one doubts know that true influencers can’t wait for the willing-to-be-influenced to come to them. Building a sustainable, growing following isn’t possible without sustained, expanding outreach.

That’s where these high-visibility sites come in. All are popular with true influencers. Meaning if you’re not using them, your influencer game leaves something to be desired.

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1. Medium

Medium is the world’s most popular blogging platform. Call it a “blog in a box” or not, your call. Either way, it’s the best place to share longform thoughts that inspire and educate others.

It should be noted that Medium is also a good place to write about influencers. This Medium article by Jerry Shen on NBA star Steph Curry makes the case plain. If your influence is still on the rise, take note.

2. Ideamensch

Ideamensch is another longform resource for influential leaders. As the Ideamensch page for Aaravindha Himadra shows, Ideamensch is at its best when subjects offer detailed, thoughtful answers to its interviewers’ questions. Get started on your profile today and get ready to stand out.

3. Crunchbase

Crunchbase is an indispensable, data-rich resource for people and organizations on the rise. Think of it as a concise, “just the facts” encyclopedia entry for you and your enterprise.

4. Inc

Inc is a leading outlet for thought leaders who’ve risen to prominence in their fields. While not everyone who applies to become an Inc contributor earns a spot on Inc’s roster, there’s an alternative for those biding their time: Inc company profiles.

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5. Forbes

Forbes is another excellent resource for thought leaders seeking broader audiences and constructive feedback. Like Inc, it’s a bit selective when it comes to accepting new contributors, but target it nonetheless — the exposure is worth the effort.

6. LinkedIn

Okay, this last one should be easy. Most everyone has a LinkedIn profile by now.

Whether your LinkedIn profile is up to the standards of a bona fide influencer is another story entirely.

The good news is, you have what it takes to get yours there. It won’t take as long as establishing a presence on Inc or Forbes, that’s for sure.

Like those sites, LinkedIn is designed to promote thought leadership, and to support the efforts of ambitious people who’d like to be recognized as thought leaders in their fields. The heart of any LinkedIn-based thought leadership campaign is content: specifically, original, thought-provoking content of the sort you’d want to read on Forbes or Inc.

The difference is, you don’t need anyone’s permission to post thought-provoking content on your LinkedIn profile. Take advantage of that freedom.

Presence Is Everything

Your online presence is not just the sum of your appearances on properties that you control directly, such as LinkedIn and Crunchbase. But said properties have a lot of influence — no pun intended — on how you come off to those who don’t know you personally. Make sure they’re as appealing as they can be.


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