How to book an affordable hen do abroad

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You don’t have to break the bank to have a great hen do, and even if you’re planning to head abroad, it’s easily done on a budget. After all, once you’ve factored in things the cost of the wedding dress, venue and reception, weddings can be bank-breaking, leaving little left in your budget for your last weekend of freedom. But even if you’d prefer a European city break to a few days away somewhere more local, planning ahead can help you make the most of the budget you have left.

To help you organise an affordable hen do abroad, we’ve put together a guide to let you get the most out of your money.

Best value: Lisbon

Lisbon is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, famous for its pastel buildings, traditional Fado music and unique medieval architecture. Offering plenty to do and see, you might think you’ll need an entire week to tick everything off your list. However, as hen do organisers Maximise point out, “Lisbon typically takes around three days to explore, but you can get a lot done over your weekend break if you plan ahead.

The city has been ranked as the top location for hen and stag do weekends by Ladbible, thanks to its sunny climate, an abundance of restaurants and cafes, and busy nightlife. You can also find accommodation for reasonable prices, with budget hotels costing between €40-100 (£36-89) per night, or hostels for €14 (£12) nightly. While exploring the city your party can enjoy a glass of wine at a bar for as little as €3 (£2.67). You can also eat well for less by dining at Portuguese restaurants which provide locally produced food and drink, with a standard dinner costing you between €6 to 15 (£5-13). These budget-friendly restaurants also offer the most authentic cultural experience, and help you avoid the tourist hot spots. Your biggest expense of all is likely to be your flights, but if you book in advance, you’ll find much better deals for your group. The best time to organise cheaper tickets is when they are first released, around nine months before the flight.

Cheapest accommodation: Krakow

If you want to cut costs in order to spend more on activities and nights out, consider Krakow, which offers a wealth of alternative accommodation options. Although they aren’t for everyone, particularly if you’d rather pay for a whole room than a bed, you can stay at a good-quality hostel for as little as €10-15 (£9-13) a night. Some partygoers may have different views on where they’d like to sleep, so make sure to check with your guests before booking somewhere. If a hostel isn’t for everyone in your group, a hotel will set you back around €40-120 (£36-107) per night — some may even offer a group discount on their nightly rates. You can also use sites like Airbnb to find more homey places to lodge in for decent prices.

Cheapest night out: Budapest

While Hungary’s capital offers plenty to see and do, it’s most famous for its nightlife. With plenty of underground electronic clubs, wine bars and even raves taking place in thermal baths, you can drink the night away while enjoying some of the cheapest alcohol in Europe. A cocktail will cost you €5,54 (£5) while a bottle of red wine costs just €5,07 (£4.50) on average.

The city is particularly well-known for its ruin pubs and bars, built in the shells of abandoned buildings and stores of Budapest’s Jewish Quarter. From outside, they look like regular homes — there are no signs, queues or loud noise to indicate what’s really going on inside, but they offer plenty of buzz and atmosphere. There’s also fancy cocktail and wine bars, as well as grungy-looking dives and traditional pubs, including Budapest’s favourite Doblo Wine Bar, where you can try a tasting range of elegant wines for between €15-33 (£13-29). This venue serves artisanal and bio-wines, all exclusively made by Hungarian winemakers.

With its abundance of natural springs, the city also boasts some more unusual party venues. These include the Szechenyi Baths, which runs its iconic “sparties” between June to September, and hosts their standard bath parties every Saturday (except during January) for around €50 (£44) per person. Combining electronic music and visual effects with the relaxation of a thermal steam bath, these venues are immensely popular with locals and tourists alike.

Cheapest travel: Dublin

If you’re looking to travel affordably, Dublin is the city to choose for your hen weekend. Only a small city in comparison to others, it still packs a punch. Flights to Dublin start from as low as €34 (£30), but you should consider when you book, as airlines offer cheaper flights on less popular weekdays. Take your hen party to Dublin to experience the charm of traditional Irish pubs and live music, walk the city’s beautiful streets, and immerse yourself in its rich cultural history.

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