Create your own and unique design to customize your phone case!

Create your own and unique design to customize your phone case! – words Alexa Wang

Are you a creative genius who would like to make some money off your creativity? Modern production methods are making that possible. The phone case market is huge. It is estimated that by the end of 2018, there were over 2.53 billion smartphones globally. That is over a third of the current global population. Thus, there is a chance to make some quick cash here.
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How the Process Works

Not only are there billions of smartphone owners in the world, but most people also upgrade their phones often. Most people buy a new phone every 20 months. With each new phone, they will often need a new case.

Selling a product with such a huge market is a great idea. This is because, for a small business, repeat customers contribute to more than half of their total sales. Besides that, when you make your own phone case, the associated risks are minimal. For one, phone cases do not break with ease. They also do not require any special permits to ship, which reduces the amount of paperwork you deal with. Another benefit of selling customized phone cases is that they are quite light. As such, they are cheap to ship, which means customers will not be put off by high shipping costs. The result is a relatively huge profit margin of about 50%.

Launch Your Business with a Minimum investment

You can launch your phone business today using the Printful print on-demand service. For a small business, this is a great business model. There is no upfront investment required for this service to work. All you require is your eCommerce platform while Printful will work as a dropshipper.

How it Works

First, you have to pick a supported model and upload a unique design that you have in mind. The design is then uploaded to the Printful site. After that, push it to your linked store and the site will take of everything else. Once a customer places an order, it is printed and shipped to them wherever they are in the world.

The era of mass-produced cases is over. Everyone now wants a unique customized case for their phone to bring out their unique personality. You fill up the whole space with your art or leave out some of the details, which the Printful team can fill in.

There are existing templates on the site that you can use, in case you do not have too much time for creativity. All the cases are made of one-piece plastic. The construction is solid and holes are accurately placed to align with each phone’s buttons. The case design can be colorful patterns or even a unique and funny quote.

The Benefits of This Model

One of the main benefits is that there are no upfront costs. Payment is only made when you receive an order from a customer. Besides that, there are no inventory costs, which can eat into your profits. Additionally, you will never run out of stock, which could cost you valuable customer loyalty.

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