5 Easy Ways to Give Your Home A New Year’s Makeover

words Al Woods

Home Makeover

With 2020 slowly being put behind us, 2021 may officially be the year of ‘out with old and in with the new’, especially when it comes to our homes. As we spend more and more time indoors, our home has become a sanctuary, but as you look around you may be thinking your décor doesn’t necessarily align with that idea.

But giving your home a makeover doesn’t mean you have to construct a big DIY project or turn to the odious task of painting. In fact, revamping your fabrics and furnishing is an easy, fun and budget-friendly way to see some changes in the home. Here are five simple things you can do to inspire your New Year home makeover.

Dress your windows

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, however, your windows are in fact the key to the soul of your room. Distressed and old looking curtains and blinds can instantly make a room look tired – a vibe we definitely don’t want in 2021. As they are usually the main feature of a room, changing your curtains to something more modern or a different style is a simple and easy way to transform any room. If you want to make a real statement, why not try looking at elaborately patterned fabrics for curtains. Or if you’re aiming to add pattern and texture elsewhere, a plain but luxurious fabric for curtains will work well.

Renew your throw cushions

Who doesn’t love cushions? Scatter them across your sofas, armchairs or bed and add a pop of colour, pattern and texture to any room. An affordable addition to your décor, cushions are also a great way to easily change things up. If you want a complete revamp for the New Year, you can change all of your cushions in your living room or bedroom for a new style. Why not also try experimenting with different shapes and sizes, if you want to keep to a certain colour scheme. You can even change your cushions in line with the seasons if you really want! Pastels for spring, golds and oranges for autumn, and festive fabrics for winter.

Create a feature wall

Paint isn’t the only way to spruce up those bare walls. Adding wallpaper to the main wall of your room, or even a neglected awkwardly blank space, can transform the room from drab to fab! It can also act as an illusion to make your room seem bigger, if you choose the right wall to make into a feature.

Taking inspiration from Pantone’s colour of the year is a great place to begin when thinking of new, 2021 colour schemes. This year is all about the strength of solid greys with the uplifting hope of yellows, so a wallpaper that incorporates both these colours will make an interesting and on-trend feature wall for your home makeover.

Use artwork or photos

As mentioned before, a lick of paint isn’t always the answer, and if wallpaper isn’t your thing, you can make a feature by hanging up different prints and pictures. Define the style of your room for 2021 with prints that reflect your personality or photos of your favourite memories. You can even experiment with varying sizes, shapes and style of frames, to make your own art gallery at home.

Add some plants and greenery

Plants are a great way to decorate those little or forgotten spaces, like a bathroom window. Bringing the outdoors in, as well as being a representation of new life; it’s the perfect way to achieve a New Year-new room makeover.

Not only will the green leaves add some natural vibrancy to the room, you can also play around with different styles of indoor pots and holders too, to add to or contrast the aesthetic of the room.


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