NASA collectibles and gift ideas for space lovers

words Alexa Wang

NASA collectibles

For some of us, the universe’s celestial bodies and astronomy are the centers of the world. Almost all space lovers are fascinated by the great cosmos and find our world’s hidden mysteries awe-inspiring. Not knowing what lies beyond our planet can keep us forever hooked on space ventures and information.

If you happen to know a space enthusiast, you probably know they might’ve even considered trips to outer space! Luckily, they can still explore these mysteries here on earth, because we’ve curated a list of space-themed gifts and collectibles that are every space hobbyist’s dream.

Moon Lamp

Any space guru would be delighted to have a moon lamp in their space collection. This lamp will have them marvel at the beauty of the moon regardless of the weather outside or the moon’s cycle. Some lamps accurately look like the moon with their planetary body and PLA material. They can also have a rough texture that resembles this wondrous star. This device with its pits and craters can be a space enthusiast reading lamp or serve as a soothing nighttime glow.

Artemis Program Themed Items

The Artemis program has left space lovers on edge and created an overall excitement for them. Through the program, NASA will be using the most advanced technologies in 2024 to explore the lunar surface of the moon. The first woman and man who’ll land there in 2024 will leave quite a mark in today’s modern world. That’s why Artemis space program patches and clothes are common memorabilia for space lovers. If your friend won’t stop talking about the program, surprise them with an Artemis-themed t-shirt or hat.

Night Lights

This collectible idea especially works best for kids who are obsessed with space. You can get them a light that carries the solar system into their rooms by hanging it on the ceiling. These cool tools come with batteries, a light pointer, and remote control. Any space fanatic would be glad to have these colorful views of the planets in his/her room.

Planet Mugs

A planet mug sounds like a great addition to space lover’s collection because they get to carry it around anywhere and show off their designs. This type of mug will have them sipping on their coffee while revealing the secrets of the solar system. Their cup of tea or morning coffee will feel like an adventure in outer space.

Apollo Lego

Your space geek was probably fascinated by NASA’s Apollo Lego set, which is enormous and has 1,969 pieces. Astronomy lovers can build this gigantic rocket and keep them in their rooms as a great memory. This creative collectible is bound to be appreciated by its recipient.

NASA gifts

Whether you are a space enthusiast or know someone who is, there are plenty of ideas for collectible and memorabilia that will easily become any space guru’s favorite possessions. Explore your thirst for knowledge with today’s awesome tools and gifts, and enjoy the beauty of the universe from the comfort of your home. Next time you’re confused about what to get for yourself or your space geek friend, use this guide for inspiration.


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