The Changing Face Of Engagement Ring Trends

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The Changing Face Of Engagement Ring Trends – words Alice Turnbull

Could there be anything more special and memorable than the day when someone you love and want to spend the rest of your life with presents you with an engagement ring?

For many of us, our engagement rings will be something that we cherish forever, which is why its meaning extends far beyond simply being a delicate piece of jewellery.

While there are certain styles of ring that never go out of style and are very deeply synonymous with that fairy-tale, ‘down-on-one-knee’, picture-perfect scenario, there are some trends that come with engagement rings that keep changing and adjusting slightly. Here are just some of the most desirable engagement ring styles, including the popular sunflower engagement ring, that expectant brides to be (and their partners!) should be aware of when it comes to hinting at the ultimate engagement ring style!


The Square Band

While we may all be familiar with the traditional round band engagement ring, something that is newly emerging and capturing attention in the fashion world is the popularity of square bands. The great thing about square bands is that they don’t pinch your fingers and can be far more comfortable to wear than your regular circular band.

Mixed Metal Halos

If you’re having a hard time deciding whether you would prefer to wear an engagement ring that features rose gold, yellow gold or white gold, then an engagement ring that features mixed metal halos will be just the ticket for you. The introduction of alternative gold colours to the halo of your ring will give any style ring the ultimate upgrade.

Vintage Design Is Everywhere

From second hand rings inherited from family members to new rings that incorporate vintage flair or particular design features- nor bride can escape from the heirloom look and feel of a vintage style engagement ring. There are some great engagement ring trends by decade out there. For those of us who value timeless details and touch of glamour, this will be the ring style for you!

The Double Shank Ring

For those looking for a more extravagant look and feel to their engagement ring, why not consider a double band (or double shank) ring style. Not only does this add a unique look to your engagement ring in the way that it sits on your finger, but each shank looks that much more extravagant when sprinkled with diamonds. You might even go for one of those 1980s engagement rings. Fashion forward and exceptionally pretty!

The Mixed Metal Prong

While we are used to seeing the same colour metal prongs that hold on to your diamonds or stones, the latest engagement ring trend defies this popular feature. Mixing up the colour of the metal that cradles your diamond is a fabulous way for you to enhance the colour of the stone and add a more seamless look to a colourful diamond. Why not choose yellow gold prongs for a yellow diamond ring or rose gold prongs for a pink diamond?

Stacking Band Rings

If you are anything like us then you too will be obsessed with the stacking ring trend that seems to be almost unavoidable when shopping for rings of any kind. The great thing about stacking rings is that your look is entirely customisable and when used as an engagement ring, offers the opportunity for each segment to symbolise a different milestone in your relationship.

East-West Setting

What could be more unique that an oval cut diamond engagement ring you ask? How about the unique positioning of the oval cut diamond horizontally across the band – also known as the East-West setting- to make your ring stand out from the rest? One of the more unique types of engagement ring settings. This look is an emerging trend that could see you penned as a trend setter if caught onto early enough.

The Changing Face Of Engagement Ring Trends – words Alice Turnbull




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