A gluten free guide to buying gifts

A gluten free guide to buying gifts – words Amy Turnbull

If you’ve got a gluten free loved one, buying gifts for them can sometimes be difficult. You need to make sure that any food treats you decide to buy them are gluten free.

Of course, food isn’t the only thing you want to get them, which is why a variety of gifts suited to all people and personalities are included in this guide. You can get them gluten-free friendly kitchen accessories, fun clothing, and so much more. Take a look through this A gluten free guide to buying gifts and see what you can find for the person you’re buying for!


Gluten Free Sweets

Gluten free sweets are few and far between. You can’t find yummy gluten free sweets in any old shop. People who are gluten free deserve a sweet treat too! It just has to fit with their gluten free diet plan. You can find gluten free sweets like prosecco gummies, and even vegan jelly sweets. If the person you’re buying for has a real sweet tooth, helping them to stock up on these things will be much appreciated.

‘Craft A Brew’ Gluten Free Beer Kit

If the person you’re buying for enjoys a drink, how about a gluten free beer kit? This gives them a fun project to focus on, as well as some delicious gluten free beer to enjoy afterwards. Maybe you could enjoy a cold one with them! Not only will they be able to brew their own beer with this kit, they’ll learn a thing or two that can help them in the future if they decide to do a project like this again.

Gluten Free Food Hampers

Gluten free hampers are a brilliant gift, as they contain lots of different things for the receiver to try out and see what they like. Hampers from Under Fine Wraps are a great choice, as they have plenty of different options for gluten free people.

You can get curry and wine hampers, chocolate hampers, tea and chocolate hampers, dressing and oils, prosecco and olives, and so much more. Whether the person you’re buying for is more sweet or savoury, there’s something for all tastes!

Some Gluten Free Macarons

You’ve probably seen those colourful macarons on Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media sites. All of the fashion and lifestyle bloggers seem to love them! Unfortunately for gluten-free people, they’re not normally an accepted part of the diet. Now, you can get gluten free macarons! This is the perfect gift for those who enjoy a sweet treat, as well as posting their snacks to Instagram. Macarons are one of the yummiest, most Instagrammable foods!

A Gluten Free Recipe Book

Maybe the person in your life needs more ideas for their meals. After all, eating gluten free foods can get boring and it can take an amazing recipe book to spice things up! There are all kinds of awesome recipe books out there. You have to make the most from your gluten free food list. If this is somebody who enjoys experimenting with their food and wants to avoid getting bored with their diet, a recipe book makes the perfect present.

Some Gluten Free Clothing

How about some fun gluten free clothing so that this person can get their point across? You can find T-shirts and aprons helping the receiver to spread the word. If they enjoy wearing things that show off their personality, this could make a great, unique gift. You can personalise just about anything online, so if you have an idea for a word or phrase, then you can create something yourself. If you’d prefer not to risk it by getting them an item of clothing, you could even personalise a tote bag or a coffee mug for them. Consider what they’ll use the most!

A Bread Maker With Gluten Free Menu Setting

Another great gift for the person who loves to cook – a bread maker with a gluten free setting! We all love a bit of bread, whether we’re enjoying a sandwich or having a piece of toast. Gluten free people need special bread so that they can enjoy the same luxury. Now, they can save money and hassle by making their own, just how they like it. This is a great gift for the gluten free baker, or somebody who would like to try it out!

A Magazine Subscription To A Gluten-Free Focused Magazine

A magazine subscription always makes a wonderful gift. This is something that they can enjoy each and every month, learning something new each time they read it. Other magazines are gluten free too – after all, your loved one is unlikely to want to eat them. You could get a fashion or lifestyle magazine if reading up on gluten free foods isn’t their bag.

A Gluten-Free Restaurant Voucher

Gluten free people enjoy eating out too, but not all restaurants cater to their needs. Why not get them a restaurant voucher from a place that specialises in gluten free food? Even just making sure that they have lots of gluten free options on the menu could work. You might just introduce them to their new favourite place to eat! How about going with them and spending some quality time to show them how much you care too?

A Vegetable Noodle Maker

Gluten free people can’t eat most noodles and pasta, as they are full of gluten. Now, you can help them to make their very own vegetable noodles with a vegetable noodle maker! This amazing kitchen tool can make noodles and pasta out of all kinds of vegetables, whether they prefer to use carrots or zucchini. So you can choose to make noodles and pasta from your list of list of naturally gluten free foods. They’ll get the great texture of noodles in a variety of dishes, with so many more nutrients, less carbs, and of course, no gluten. Even people who are not gluten free could appreciate a healthy gift like this!

These are just a few suggestions that you can use to inspire you when shopping for gluten free gifts. There are other kitchenware options, such as tupperware for the gluten-free person on the go. Get creative and use your imagination; you’re bound to think of something great to buy for your gluten-free friend or family member. Happy shopping!

A gluten free guide to buying gifts – words Amy Turnbull


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