Student ski trips – organising the ultimate getaway

words Alexa Wang

Organising a trip of any kind can lead you into a minefield as you try to please as many people as possible. If you’re organising a ski trip it gets even tougher. The problem is people have very different expectations. And for all you educationalists out there, if you are in the firing line to organise a ski trip for students, just watch all your colleagues avert their gaze for fear of being asked themselves.

Well, if you break down the trip element by element and keep a calm head it is possible to organise the trip and still be smiling at the other end. Here’s some tips that should help you out:

Set the Budget. …

Setting the budget can be a headache but keep your nerve and it should all work out fine. The temptation is to try and keep everyone happy but face the fact that this will be a tall order. People are all different. Some skiers are committed sportspeople while others have a go but are mainly coming along to be with friends and so will see the trip from a different angle. Try and find a realistic middle ground based on what people have been prepared to pay for previous trips and then look at the proposed number in the party and work out a rough figure from that.

Destination is a Key Decision. …

Getting this bit right is crucial if you want a successful trip. There is no point going to the most exciting slope beloved by the most daring skiers in the world if some of your students are pretty new to skiing. Not only will they have an unhappy time, it could also be downright dangerous if beginners try to tackle such slopes. Better to find a varied resort where there are lots of options for skiers of different levels so you are more likely to please as many people as possible.

Be Sure to Choose Accommodation Wisely. …

You want your students to have a good time but maybe not too much of a good time. It might be a good idea to keep the chalets smaller to fit groups of say 6 to 8. Any bigger and there could be a danger of it turning into a party. It is also wise for you and your fellow staffers to stay nearby. It might be tempting to stay well away from your charges but if there is any kind of trouble you need to be close by. Let them know you are close by too just to keep any overexcited students in check. Best to keep them in line rather than having to act later.

Build a sense of team spirit

To make the trip a great experience for yourself as well as your students why not try to get them all onside before you go? Building a sense of team spirit can help the group gel and be supportive of each other. The trip is much more likely to be deemed a success by all (and importantly parents and your boss) if people all feel they are part of a positive experience. Why not organise some personalised hoodies from School Leavers Company for the group with the school or college emblem, the trip title and the name of each student proudly printed on there? Hold regular team meetings and informal get togethers in the lead up to the trip. If people feel part of the group before you set off you will be giving yourself the best chance of a successful trip.


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