Fashionable unisex bags for the coolest boys and gals

Fashionable unisex bags for the coolest boys and gals – words Alexa Wang


In a modern world where gender is fluid and fashion designers break stereotypes, prejudice, and boundaries every single day, bags have become a staple of contemporary trendiness for all men and women. Long gone are the days when boys only carried manly briefcases and women wore tiny purses on all occasions.

While we are still far from seeing men featuring a stylish clutch at a party, it is not a novelty thing anymore to see them sport a thin folio bag with the classy elegance of old-school gentlemen.

On the other hand, dynamic, busy and free-spirited, women renounced the all-times favorite huge office bag and switched to more modern bags that take them everywhere from the office to a hot date. Today we will take a look at five fashionable unisex bags for men and women without restrictions.

The Backpack

Some of the oldest backpacks discovered have been used to carry firewood and game, to later becoming a staple for the sporty types. Mountaineers, travelers, adventurers and athletes praised the backpack for its comfort, heavy-duty carrying capabilities, and versatility. Designed for the heavy shoulders of men, sporty backpacks are also worn by travel-loving ladies as well.

But the modern backpack regained its rightful place in the fashion world, and it can now be seen on runways and in the streets. It adds urban-chic flair to almost all outfits, for men and women alike, and the new designs went over the “casual” style, entering the “business-chic” one. Leather & canvas backpacks for (wo)men are today a staple of laidback personalities, busy professionals, urban hip students, exuding a hint of uptown sophistication without overwhelming a man’s attitude or a lady’s femininity.

The Messenger Bag

Once worn by messengers, the messenger bag is perhaps the most versatile unisex bag of our contemporary times. Made of high-end leather or treated canvas (or the combination of the two), messenger bags are usually worn cross-body for more freedom of movement and comfort. They work great with slick, chic urban outfits and even power-suits for both men and women.

Such bags are the go-to item when it comes to commuting, carrying work papers, laptops and gadgets, going to school, taking short business or leisure trips and so on. Men and women alike are sporting this type of bag in both formal and informal environments, and they all look trendy and cool. Adventurers also carry such bags when embarking on trips and vacations as its versatility is incomparable.

The Tote Bag

When it comes to men’s bags, things always get a bit tricky – how can a man sport a bag that doesn’t look like a girl’s purse? Tote bags are still a fashion emblem of women – but things started to change a few years back. Unisex tote bags are now everywhere, and as fashion experts say, a tote bag is a must-have for a real man. Unisex tote bags are an elegant spin-off of the archetypal boxy briefcase, taking all of its advantages but featuring a more contemporary, stylish look.

Characterized by their longer handles, slim lines and carrying abilities, tote bags are now associated with classy professionals (men and women) who want all the benefits of an elegant office bag mixed with a dash of laidback urban comfort. Usually made of very fine leather and neutral, darker colors, such bags work great with smart-casual and business-casual outfits. Independent of the wearer’s age, it offers status, an edgy look and plenty of functionality in a simple and elegant design.


The Folio

A folio for men and women is an icon of slim, slick and discrete elegance. If you are not carrying around laptops, tomes of office documents or heavy loads of gadgets, the folio is the perfect accessory for business professionals in all areas. A leaner design is represented by the pouch – a timeless unisex bag that does justice to a buttoned-up classic suit or a jeans-and-sneakers casual outfit. Sophisticated and stylish, the folio addresses business people more than young college students who want to complete and compliment an outstanding casual-formal look.

The Cross-Body Bag

We are not talking about the large messenger bag, but the smaller cross-body version for smaller daily items like smartphones, car keys, and wallets. It is a rather casual bag, used for daily errands, short trips and relaxed office days. Also known as reporter-bags, the cross-body was revamped in 2015 as Louis Vuitton had it featured in his shows paired with… men. Controversial yet attention-drawing, these bags are now unisex and for all the right reasons.

Boys and girls alike are very fond of such bags given their versatility and their laidback style. While it is not recommended to wear them with your “Devil Wears Prada” outfits or your Marlon Brando suits, the bags sport urban-casual flair and a modern edginess that will make you stand out of the crowd. Provided with zippers, pockets, and adjustable shoulder straps, these bags do come with instructions: never wear them below your hip line – you will make them look like messenger bags!

Before choosing your perfect unisex bag for travel, work or casual activities, remember that the bag should represent who you are. It should reflect your own personal style, taste, and attitude.

Fashionable unisex bags for the coolest boys and gals – words Alexa Wang

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