Your Guide to the Perfect Mother’s Day for 2021

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mothers day

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Most of us will have to celebrate Mothers Day apart, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your mom the best holiday she’s ever had. There are still plenty of ways you can make this day extra-special from the comfort and safety of each other’s home. Here are a few ways you can WOW your mom during this special holiday, whether they live with you or miles away.

Purchase Flowers or Gifts Online

During this time, you may not be able to hand-deliver a gift directly to your mom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy them something. There are plenty of online retailers, like, that will offer flower delivery and other gifts directly to your door. If you live near your Mother and already have the gift, you can decorate their front porch and leave the items at the door. Don’t forget to add personal touches like a handwritten card or photos to cheer her up.

Cook for Your Mom or Set Up a Lunch Date

If your mom lives with you, cook them breakfast in bed. You don’t have to be a great cook or make something fancy; even toast with jam and a coffee will brighten up your Mother’s morning. However, some moms like to sleep in on their big day, so bake them a cake or make lunch instead. If you can’t be with your mom in person, have a sit-down brunch date with shared recipes. You can use Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime so you can see each other over brunch.

Watch a Show or Movie Together

Watching a movie together is easier when you’re in the same house, but not impossible if you’re farther away. Netflix has a way for you to watch together online as long as you have Chrome installed on your computer. There is even a chat function for commenting live during the movie. You can also talk on the phone or start a video call if you want to speak during the movie and have a conversation with each other, which I recommend on Mother’s Day!

Send Over a Yard or Garden Service

May in the Northern Hemisphere is when the snow starts to melt, and our front and backyards start to show their wear from the cold winter months. Instead of your mom or dad doing the landscaping, you can ask someone to service their lawn for them. If you’re unsure whether or not their property is already done, you can buy your mom a gift certificate for a yard and garden service or a cleaning service to come to their house once the lockdown ends.

Go On a Picnic or Walk

Fresh air always lifts the spirits, but you’ll need to be careful depending on your parents’ age. If you live near your Mother, you can take a social distance walk to the lake or park and set up a picnic blanket. If you live far away, you can still take a walk to the park together while talking through video chat. It’s usually safer to keep your distance from each other if you live apart, as disappointing as that sounds. You can still have a lovely time chatting 6-feet apart.

Take a Virtual Tour of a Garden or Museum Together

Plenty of museums and gardens offer virtual tours all year round, including the Louvre in Paris, the Vatican in Rome, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. If you and your Mother have the time, you can take a virtual tour of all of these places and still have time for a nice dinner together. If your Mother loves flowers and gardens, you can also take her on a tour of the Monet’s Gardens or the Nature Conservancy in Oklahoma.


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