Make Your Bedroom A Haven From The World With These Tips

words Alexa Wang

Your bedroom is, without a doubt, the most personal space in your home. Given the fact that many of your visitors will never see it, it still deserves a lot of attention. It’s where you go to relax, reflect on the day, and maybe even read a book.

Consider the enjoyment you might gain from a well-organized and tastefully decorated bedroom. If your bedroom is uninspiring and not a place you love to spend time in, here are some tips to turn it into a haven you never want to leave.

Bedroom Haven

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Colors count

Colors have the power to shift the mood of a room in a moment. Dark colors, such as midnight blue and brown, can be used to create a glamorous and dramatic bedroom. For an earthy feel, go for dark green. The opulent finishing touches are gold accents and mirrored furniture. If you want a more minimalist look, choose light colors and whites.

Add some art

Artwork is what helps define the homeowner’s personality and their space, so go crazy with this one if you want to! Look for abstract pieces with calming colors or tones if you’re looking for ideas, or take a look at some unique pieces from the David Hart Galleries. In the bedroom, the best walls for art are directly above the bed or on the wall opposite the bed. The best pieces are large in size and should be hung at eye level.

Darkness prevails

We all know that darkness is important for sleep, as it signals to the brain that it’s time to unwind. That’s why blackout blinds or shutters will help you sleep better by blocking out unnecessary light. A space, on the other hand, is never finished until you dress your window with elegant curtains that fit your personal style.

Layers and layers

A beautiful bed necessitates the use of layers. It instantly elevates the look of your space, and you’ll be toasty warm in the winter. Add a sheepskin rug to the floor and drape the bed with throws, bedspreads, and cushions for added texture and warmth. It’s so important to have a temperature controller so you can keep your bedroom just right for you.

Into the closet

Although not everyone has the luxury of a walk-in closet, all bedrooms need storage. Fitted wardrobes would have a more finished and full look, as well as more room. Lights are a beautiful and functional addition to every wardrobe.

Blend it in

An en suite or walk-in shower is a must-have for a spacious master bedroom, but blending the two visually can be difficult due to their distinct functions. It’s important to treat them as one space, so use complementary colors and finishes, as well as similar materials where possible, to make the space flow.

Light it up

Bright enough lighting is necessary for you to be able to get dressed without stumbling around, but not so bright it ruins the ambience. Rather than a harsh overhead light, opt for wall lights and lamps – perhaps even fairy lights.You also want as much natural light coming in as possible during the day,


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