How to transform your spare room into a minimalist haven

words Al Woods

Do you have a spare room which you have no idea what to do with? Whether you want to make it an office for when you work from home or turning it into another bedroom for the times you host your friends or family, there are some many things you can do with your spare room.

Below are some of our tips and tricks to transforming the space into the perfect minimalist spare room.

minimalist haven

Why minimalism?

Minimalism simply means less is more and fewer items equals less clutter. Your spare room is the perfect place to inject some minimalism into your life, whatever you decide to use the room for. When transforming this space, keep it minimalist by only including essentials and items which allow this room to be functional.

The walls

Keep the walls simple by using paint in neutral tones. This allows you to add splashes of colour where needed. Beige, creams, whites and greys are always a good option for walls and can suit bedrooms and offices. Add a mirror to make the space appear bigger and attract light into the room, but don’t over-fill the wall.

minimalist spare room


If you’re choosing to turn your spare room into a bedroom the key thing you will need here is a bed. To keep it minimalist, opt for one with built-in storage where you can store essentials such as bedding and towels (keeping them out of sight). A divan bed is the best option for this and Divan Beds Centre has a great solution if your room is on the smaller side as you can opt for sliding doors instead of drawers.

As well as a bed, you should also include bedside tables. Consider one with drawers, again to provide essential storage and reduce clutter being out on the side. You can have a lamp on the table, but avoid putting too many things on it, such as a lamp, flowers and an ornament.

Don’t forget about the bedding. As well as your duvet and pillows, think about the other bedding you want to have. Keep it neutral and soft, cotton is a great option. But you can also add a blanket, just in case visitors get cold (and it’s a great decoration), and throw cushions too.


If you’re planning on turning the spare room into an office then you will also need to think about the essentials. A simple desk with drawers is a great option, and don’t forget about a comfy chair that offers back support. You should also consider having an area where you can relax away from your desk, so if the room is big enough, include a chair or sofa where you can sit and read or have screen breaks. If you have a sofa bed, it can double as a guest room when people come and stay.

A lamp is also essential in your office to ensure you have enough light to prevent eye strain. A standing lamp is a great option as this can free up space on your desk.

Ready to turn your spare room into a minimalist haven? We hope we’ve inspired you.


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