Learn why the Papasan chair is an iconic, timeless piece of furniture

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Learn why the Papasan chair is an iconic, timeless piece of furniture – words Alexa Wang


They could mar or make the beauty of your living room.

That’s why you need to make a good choice when you want to select a chair for your living room or any room in the house.

The colours, the styles and the size. They need to match! Anything short is a disaster.

There are various types of chairs with their designs that you can use in your house. Maybe you are eyeing the local furniture store just to get any chair that is available. Perhaps, it only meets the colour of the interior, or the size is right for you.

You need to choose a piece of furniture that is timeless. Furniture that would show significant taste after many years of using it.

Enter Papasan Chairs. These chairs are not only in a class of its own but have survived some few documented century. Read on to learn why the Papasan chair is an iconic, timeless piece of furniture.

What is the Papasan Chair?

The Papasan chair is a bowl-shaped chair with a simple design that makes it perfect to match any design.

The Papasan chair originated from South East Asia. It has been used there for a long time.

Although no one knows precisely what country it originated from, best guess puts it at the Philippines. Some historians don’t agree though because Filipinos are not the sitting type. Other theory says it will be either from Thailand, Korea or Japan.

While in the South Eastern part of Asia, the chairs were called Ratan. It was the Americans who during the World Wars war named it Papasan, a Japanese word that means honouring father/elder.

After the World War II, the chair has to be a favourite chair in the Western world that it has seen improvements on its basic raffia design to one having a cushion. However the design that it has it still is the humble Papasan or Ratan, as the Filipinos call it.


It’s Timelessness

Take a Papasan of the 1970s and compare it with today’s modern chair design, you will see that the Papasan could stand up to rival them.

The following would show you a pointer as to why the Papasan is not only iconic but also timeless.


Despite the craze for materialism where people chase materials and properties, there is a group of people who are embracing minimalism. In fact, many designers are doing minimalist designs for clients.

When it comes to minimalism, Papasan ticks all boxes.

It has a neutral colour that would be able to match any intensity that the designer or you choose.

It also occupies little space that you would have room space for another thing.

With the Papasan chair, you would not have to worry about spending a fortune on acquiring matches for furniture. It’s not as if paying much for sound quality is terrible. Papasan chair gives you a choice to not force you.

It is easy to maintain

The primary reason why some furniture gets useless after few years is that it is not managed.

Papasan chairs are comfortable to keep in good order. It only gets worse when you don’t clean it like a period of a year. Would you live it that long? Come on!

With any cleaner of your choice – whether a vacuum cleaner or a brush – you would be able to clean it quickly.

You don’t need to clean it extensively. Simple cleaning would ensure that dirt does not get a chance to live in the chair. It’s the dirt that accumulates over time that destroys furniture and causes them to rot.

Make sure you use a rag in a soap solution to wipe the chair. The cloth should be wrung dry before cleaning.


Papasan Chairs are made for comfort.

The soft cushion makes your body comfortable as opposed to the hard feelings you get from other chairs.

The relaxing feeling is second to none.

You can take it outside to the balcony to relax and catch natural air as it is lightweight. You would be deceived by its size to think that it is heavy to carry about. The opposite is true.

Large people can also sit or relax comfortably on the Papasan chair without feeling discomfort.

It is always worthwhile to get a little comfort after the day’s stress.


It is said that all the best things in life are for cheap. Same goes for the Papasan chair.

For a few hundred dollars or less, you would be able to acquire a Papasan chair with all its benefits intact.

Being cheap doesn’t make it less quality. Although there are expensive tweaked Papasan Chairs, you won’t break a bank when buying the Papasan chair.

Widespread Love

In the 60s and 70s, nearly every family have the Papasan chair in their house.

There is no way you will use the Papasan chair that you would not fall in love with it.

As a parody, the word “Mamasan” was invented when the Papasan chairs began to find their way into brothels. Although, this might not show love it shows how far the Papasan chair went. And no, the name was not derogatory.


There are multiple variants of the Papasan chair. The popular one is the double-seat type, which can sit two people. This could be adapted to serve as a kind of bed that an adult can use.

There are other adaptations of the Papasan chair.

Wrapping Up

The Papasan chair is a beautiful chair that despite it gaining attention during wartime, it has won the heart of many that it is used all over the world. Its simplicity is one of the leading features that endear it to people.

With most chairs, you have to worry about the cost of procuring it or for maintenance. Papasan chair is a kind of chair that anyone can afford the cost of buying or maintaining it.

Learn why the Papasan chair is an iconic, timeless piece of furniture – words Alexa Wang



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