Protein Powder facts – All you really need to know

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The January gym rush is now over. You made it through the first month and are looking at continuing your fitness regime, however there is still a lot to learn, for example, proteins and supplements. Do you really need to take them? Luckily is here to explain the importance and need for protein powder as part of a healthy diet and fitness routine.

Protein Powder facts


What is it?

Protein forms part of a healthy balanced diet and is a macronutrient which is essential to building muscle mass. There are many things you can eat which contain protein such as fish, eggs, meat, beans, pulses, and protein powder. Protein powder, such as Scitec’s 100% Whey Protein, contains essential amino acids which are the building blocks for muscle growth. It is a high quality whey protein blend, ideal for post workout as it’s designed to help aid recovery and muscle growth.

Why do you need it?

Post workout is an ideal time to consume a protein shake; it will enable you to get protein into the body faster than eating alone. This means it will help your body recover faster and fuel muscle growth. However, when starting any training plan, it’s important to review your diet before introducing supplements as there are many different products on the market and they all differ depending on what fitness goal you want to achieve.

Why what you think about protein shakes is wrong

Protein shakes will make me big – One of the bigger myths is that drinking protein shakes will give you big muscles. You need protein to help your muscles to function and grow, but to increase muscle size you also need to work out your muscles.

Protein shakes will damage my kidneys – Is protein powder bad for your kidneys? Protein or protein powder can make up part of a healthy and balanced diet and won’t damage your kidneys if used correctly.

Protein shakes are not as good as protein from food – Protein shakes are digested quicker than protein in food and are more beneficial for a post work-out supplement. You should never substitute a protein shake instead of a real meal.

Your body can only process 30g of protein at a time – The amount of protein processed by the body can vary from person to person and can depend on body type and also what sort of workout you do as well as when you consume protein.

More protein means more muscle – If you only increase the amount of protein you consume you won’t increase muscle mass; you also have to increase the number of calories you consume as well as exercises to target the muscles you want to increase.

All proteins are the same – Your body needs different types of protein. You need the right kind and the right amount at the right time and different sources of protein don’t offer the same benefits as one another.

Protein shakes are only for bodybuilders – If you’re working out, whether it’s intensive weight training like body building or other forms of exercise, protein shakes can be beneficial to help encourage muscle strengthening, growth and recovery.

Protein can only come from meat – Proteins come from a wide range of foods. Complete proteins, those that have all nine essential amino acids, include dairy, chicken, beef, fish, and eggs. Incomplete proteins, those that don’t have all nine essential amino acids, include grains, beans, nuts, and seeds.

If you want to learn more, such as optimal times to take your supplements and why protein powder is an important part of working out, Scitec Nutrition has made a helpful guide.



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