Must-have tools you need to own at home

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tools you need to own

Being a homeowner means you’re ready to start collecting the items that every homeowner should have. You don’t want to have to pop out every time you need to get something done or hire someone to do the simplest of tasks just because you don’t have the necessary tools.

So if you’re wondering what tools you need to own, here’s a list to help you figure it out:

Lawn mower

In order to have a pretty garden that looks appealing, you need to have the tools needed to take care of it; one way to figure out what you need is by checking reviewers at home improvement and backyard maintenance platforms. While these experts indicate that there are many tools necessary for taking care of your garden, a lawn mower is considered the most essential. It helps you cut the grass, make sure it’s even, and alone is almost enough to make your garden look appealing. The best thing is that it is easy to use and will prevent you from having to hire a gardener.

Manual screwdriver set

Every home has its own tool set that makes you feel like it just comes with the house. Unfortunately, you do actually have to buy them yourself. A manual screwdriver set includes several types of screws of multiple sizes as well as a variety of screw heads that are used for different services. This is essential to have at home as they come in handy when needing to tighten knobs, remove electricity switch covers, assemble furniture, and unscrew nails. You never know when you’ll need them, but it’s always best to have them on standby, just in case.

tools you need at home


Your drill and drill bits are likely going to be the most used tools around the house. Whether you’re drilling holes in the walls to mount a TV, frame, or curtain stand, or just fixing furniture, using a drill will guarantee that the holes are just right. When buying drill bits, make sure that they come in several shapes to ensure you’re ready to use the one you need for the repair job at hand.  Remember, before getting a drill, make sure that its battery-powered or cordless as they’re a lot more functional.

Tape measure

Anytime you need to fix or repair something at home, you’ll need to take its measurements to ensure you’re getting the right size for it. Having a tape measure is essential when you’re installing any new equipment to guarantee the fit. It also comes in handy when you’re placing things around your home. Just don’t forget to place your tape measure somewhere safe where you will remember where it is, instead of having to search for hours when you actually need it.

Claw hammer

There are many types of hammers you can buy, but a claw hammer will come in handy the most as it, not only has the ability to pound nails into wood or walls, but with the V-shaped notch, it has the power to extract nails without ruining the surface. When choosing a claw hammer, it’s always best to go for a rubber or vinyl handle instead of wood because it gives the user a much better grip and also has a strong shock absorption to make the process easier.

Adjustable wrench

While having a wrench set can sometimes come in handy, an adjustable wrench will save you space while still performing pretty much the same tasks. With an adjustable wrench, the jaws can be adjusted to fit the nuts and bolts of various sizes, allowing them to be used for several purposes. So whenever you need to secure an object or unscrew it with the aid of an extra grip, an adjustable wrench will be the tool for the job.

A torch

You never know when you’ll be facing a power cut or need to look for something in the dark. But when that happens, you’ll thank your lucky stars you have a torch nearby, especially when you don’t want to waste your phone’s battery by using the flashlight. It is also a great tool to have when camping to help you find your way on moonless nights.

Utility knife

Instead of ruining your keys trying to open all those packages you ordered, you can easily open it with a utility knife. However, that’s not the only reason it will come in handy. When installing things around the house, you’ll find that you’re in constant need of cutting through different materials. You can also use it to cut straight lines in wallpaper, cut hides, and it can even be used for cleaning and cutting fish. A good utility knife’s uses are endless.

Drywall Sanders

Drywall sanders are crucial for any home project, right before starting a paint job. Sanding your drywall is important, as you don’t want unwanted grooves, ones that are raised over the surface of your wall. Years ago, DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike would use manual sanders. This causes strain on your back and arms, making you tired and ample to complete less. With the best drywall sander, you’ll be able to get any drywall sanding project done much faster.

Staple gun

Staple guns are a pretty useful tool if you do a lot of home improvements. However, according to the type of improvements, you’ll be doing, the type of staple gun will differ. They can be used for carpeting: fixing carpets on the floor or even on the wall. They can also be used for upholstery and setting a fabric over a piece of furniture to keep it in place and are really great for any sort of a decorating job at home. They make it easier to fix things together with a better duration and a lot less mess than just using glue. You can also benefit from a staple gun for small construction jobs at home that need to place different pieces together; however, it will depend on how solid the material is and the angle it needs to be placed. This would work when building a dog house or fixing a birdcage. In other words, small construction jobs that will not require much pressure. But overall, you’ll find that a staple gun has many uses within the household and is one of those tools that makes things so much easier with a lot less trouble.

Having your own set of tools is essential when moving into a new home. You won’t know that you need them until the moment you actually do, and that’s why it’s better to always be prepared and have them on standby just in case.

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