Taxi Drivers who refuse to take guide dogs (and their owners)

It’s hard to imagine just how difficult life would be if we lost our sight. Just a simple trip to the shops, that many of us take for granted, would become a major operation.

So spare a thought for many people who rely on their guide dogs who are regularly refused the use of a taxi by drivers who illegally turn them away.

The charity Guide Dogs is highlighting this issue with a video that uses wit to put us into the shoes of people who are forced to suffer this act of discrimination. Fortunately most taxi drivers are helpful and professional but there are a small minority that make life even more difficult for people with sight loss.

The charity Guide Dogs wants the government to bring in tougher sentences for minicab or taxi drivers who refuse to take guide dogs. The video starts Bafta award winning actor Jason Watkins, alongside comedians Toby Williams and Paul F Taylor who use wit and charm to get the point across.

James White, Senior Campaigns Manager, at the charity Guide Dogs: “Imagine you were turned away by a taxi or mincab driver. This happens to people living with sight loss with shocking regularity just because they are accompanied by a guide dog. It’s not only illegal, it knocks people’s confidence and stops them doing the everyday things that most people take for granted.”

It is ridiculous that this practice happens at all but if any taxi driver breaks the law in this way they should at least expect more of a punishment than the ones meters out to them currently. You can help to show your support with the hashtag #Accessallareas.

For more information on the campaign visit the website


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