Billy Childish: Emergency Partygate Drop

Just thought we’d share this rather lovely poster of our esteemed former Prime Minister from the artist Billy Childish. We think it captures the self serving chump of the chumps perfectly.

Boris poster partygate

Spineless C**tish Pr**k Boris Johnson Souvenir Ltd Edition Poster

As Boris Johnson prepares to face the House of Commons privileges committee over Partygate, Billy Childish has prepared this emergency poster to help focus the committee’s collective mind.

Childish says:

“In commemoration of the blond slug who thought he was Churchill but was merely a lying toad, we are extremely proud to announce the publication of this fine Ltd Edition Poster celebrating the exoneration/expulsion (delete as appropriate) of ‘Good ol’ Boris’, darling of the gormless.”

You can buy your souvenir poster here


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