4 Valentine’s Day gifts that your other half will love

4 Valentine’s Day gifts that your other half will love – words Al Woods

Valentine’s Day 2019 is fast approaching, so, in order to avoid letting your other half down, it’s probably time you started putting some thought into what you’re going to get them.

To find a number of gifts that your partner is sure to love, make sure to read on.


A bottle of their favorite alcohol

To prove to your other half that you truly know them and that you take notice of their likes and tastes, you should get them a bottle of their favorite alcoholic beverage. If the particular bottle that you seek to source proves difficult to find, then make sure to head to Uptown Spirits. This online liquor store prides itself on making hard-to-find bottles available for general purchase. 

American pancakes for breakfast

Your other half will surely love waking up to American-style pancakes on Valentine’s Day, and it’s an incredibly cheap present to source, so it’s a win-win. Here’s how to make this delicious treat:

  1. Mix sugar (your favorite, but caster is best), flour, baking powder, and just a little salt — add eggs, milk and butter into a welled center — whisk it all together
  2. Get out a non-stick frying pan and heat butter and oil in it — once the butter has frothed, pour in the batter that you created to form pancakes that are 8 centimeters in width — cook both sides of the pancake until bubbles appear (approximately 1-2 min both sides)
  3. Drizzle your pancakes with whatever toppings you choose (maple syrup is a good place to start)

Whether it’s for breakfast, brunch or dessert, this cheap treat will be sure to go down a treat on Valentine’s Day.

Anything that is personalized

You can’t go wrong with personalized presents on Valentine’s Day, as they are always greatly appreciated.  Even if you gift your other half with something as simple as a bar of Toblerone with his or her name on, you’ll be sure to touch their heart.

A glamping trip

Glamping is very much the in thing to do for couples these days, so, if you have the cash to splash on such a trip, splash it. You’ll well and truly win at Valentine’s Day ’19 if you do!

If you fancy whisking your other half away to Australia for a Valentine’s gift, then you should know that Cockatoo Island is the perfect place to glamp. It has everything you could possibly need to feel completely at home — there are top-of-the range tents and all the amenities you need to camp in the most glamorous of fashions.

In order to make Valentine’s Day as special as it can be for your other half, you really need to put some real effort in. Don’t just get them a card and some supermarket flowers. Get them their favorite bottle of booze, cook them a delicious breakfast, gift them with a personalized present, or take them away on a trip. By doing so, you’ll remind them just how much you care for them, and everybody needs that once in a while.




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