2016 Interior Design Trends Worth Following

2016 Interior Design Trends Worth Following – words Alexa Wang

Interior design evolves, changes, adapts in time. Through color, texture everything is changed quite often in the attempt to find the incredible the surreal beauty that one could search. These design trends reflect indirectly shaping the needs of the society.

Interior design should be tailored, in all settings, by our needs and this is true for 2016 interior design trends. It is important to take note that while design interior trends can be used to surge inspiration from, these are not models to follow blindly, consider these seeds ready to germinate into beautiful flowers in your décor.


Refresh Interiors With Turquoise and Green Mint Colors

Powerful, refreshing soothing colors like green mint, turquoise are piercing the surface of interior design today, these present extraordinary potential and they`ve already been adopted successfully in Scandinavian and Shabby Chic interior designs nestled in stark white  in the first case and pure color in the latter.

The colors do summon an airy, fresh ambiance into the picture, one that is noble, elegant, one that cannot truly interfere with your design scheme, whatever that is. True potential is hidden in these beautiful color pallets.

Copper Gains Traction Sustained by Wood

The copper texture is something really unique, a texture that can have different levels of depth, one that can shine or remain sober and elegant and one that presents its age at the surface proudly. Copper is present in contemporary designs more and more often thanks to its looks and inexpensive matter, copper is today mixed with the wood`s coziness and warmth in interior design beautifully.

In DIY projects  copper stands out, from crafts with pennies to bookshelves and coffee tables realized on copper pipe structures, the material gains ground and beautifies the interior décor of many.

Add Coziness and Warmth in Your Bedroom

The bedroom is without a doubt one of the most important rooms in our houses. It is often overlooked, it’s often underrated despite the crucial roles the room plays in our lives, having the ability to offer us a perfect moment or evening; it is something extraordinarily important significant. Interior design aims to shape concept and the bedroom is channeled towards coziness, warmth, a deep feeling of appurtenance.  The bedroom now presents a reading nook, window seats and custom  DIY headboards realized by the owners.

Headboard design ideas are a gap in the market today, one that is heavily felt by the consumer, one that is now shaping in the DIY sphere thousands of beautiful headboard designs, indirectly, all infused with love, coziness and warmth.

Change The Dynamic in Your Kitchen With a Kitchen Isle

Workhorse isles are becoming relevant, far more relevant they were previously. In small spaces these can be used as serving carts in a party or double as a breakfast area in the morning while in larger kitchens they extend the cooking surface, they present a bar extension or simply showcase high end kitchen functions  that improve the cooking experience; regardless, the trends shape the dynamic of the contemporary kitchen.

Keep in mind that these too can be shaped to your liking in both DIY projects and custom high end orders alike. Do not settle for compromises, tailor your own design.

Bounce Light Through a Statement Mirror

The place of a statement mirror is sought in the contemporary interior design every day.  This beautiful element becomes a focal point, one that bounces the light through-out the room, emphasizing the feeling of space. Its beautiful frame décor, regardless of style, sculpts the space in its setting.

Often nestled in the living room above the fireplace the mirror is a design gem, a statement of great beauty.

“Details are not details, they make the design”.  Shape your interior décor to fit you.

What do you think? We would love to hear your feedback in the comment section below.

2016 Interior Design Trends Worth Following – words Alexa Wang






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