10 mobile catering ideas for your wedding that your guests will love

10 mobile catering ideas for your wedding that your guests will love – words Al Woods

If you have chosen a wedding venue that doesn’t provide on-site catering, then it is a great opportunity to have a unique and fun mobile caterer. There are many different types of mobile caterer and it depends on what is local to your wedding venue.

For example, if you are having a Barn venue, you would need to make sure that the caterer has access to all of the required resources (electricity supply for example). Here are 10 mobile catering ideas to give you some inspiration on what to book for your wedding day.

1. Ice Cream

Having an ice cream cart or
truck is a great edition to your outdoor (or even indoor) wedding venue. If you
are having a summer wedding it is a wonderful way to keep your guests cool and
also have a refreshing dessert!

2. Fish and Chips

The nations favourite dish,
why wait till Friday to have your fish and chips? Everyone enjoys this
traditional British treat so you can be sure that your guests will love it!

3. Pizza Truck

Who doesn’t love pizza? And
with all the different toppings it will be an easy way to make sure that all
your guests’ dietary requirements and preferences are catered for.

4. Noodles

A less traditional wedding
food, but an exotic twist for your guests, a noodle bar is a quirky spin on usual
wedding catering. Having a noodle bar is a fun way to fill up on food, without
the formality of a sit-down meal.

5. Hotdogs and Burgers

This is a great idea for a
wedding that doesn’t have lots of seating space. You can munch on a burger
while on the dancefloor if you really wanted to!

6. Dessert Truck

A more varied choice for your
guests than a few set deserts, this is a great way to make sure all of your
loved ones can have something sweet to eat. Popular choices are waffles and crêpes.

7. Hog Roast

A timeless classic to have at
any social gathering, a hog roast is a brilliant mobile catering idea to
explore. The company often takes care of the main course, with salads and other
items too, and you can even get real pork crackling!

8. Platters

A new up and coming trend in
wedding catering is to have a huge grazing platter. It is a homage to the
traditional buffet but in a more eclectic arrangement, encouraging guests to
pick out what they would like and graze at your pleasure. The main focus of the
platters are usually cheese and sliced meats, but you could have anything you
like, there are lots of different mobile caters to look into.

9. Cheese Please

Everyone loves cheese! Having
a cheese van at your wedding reception means you can enjoy anything from
toasties to cheeseboards. It is a great idea for a festival themes wedding
where you don’t usual have a set eating time, your guests can grab some food
whenever they like. Say cheese!

10. Tea and Coffee Bar

If you have an outdoor
wedding venue such as a marquee or a barn, you might not have the facilities to
make a cup of tea or coffee, so having a bar that can do it for you is a great
idea! Often these mobile caters are more of an ‘afternoon tea’ style so you end
up having hot drinks, cakes, scones and all finger sandwiches too!


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