How to keep your relationship healthy over the long term

words Alexa Wang

Is it possible to have a long-lasting and fulfilling coupledom? Is having a long-term relationship, today, a sort of utopia? How can we manage a life as a couple over the years, especially when the “natural” loss of libido due to the monogamy routine starts to peep out?

These are some of the questions that many couples pose to themselves, at a certain point of their lives. The most doubtful, in this sense, are the men, since they are the half of the couple who suffers most the above-mentioned loss of libido.

healthy relationship

The ultimate question is: how to cope with it? Basically, the first thing to do is trace the primary causes of such condition, starting from its symptoms. The most common one, in the vast majority of cases, is erectile dysfunction. Which can have equally a physical or a mental origin. So, the first thing to do is detect if it’s caused by a psychological block or it’s the consequence of something that is not working correctly on the reproductive system. In the first case, a therapy managed by a sexologist would be the best solution, In the second one, the cure depends on the damage or the impairment that affects the genital apparatus. Sometimes, it might be just as well to modify some “bad habits” and provide those body parts with extra care. Some others, it’s necessary to resort to a pharmacological treatment.

In this last case, we have to underline that more and more people try to solve their “intimate” problems resorting to the purchase of an online treatment. When this happens, it’s strongly recommended to rely only on certified and trustworthy e-shops. And by the way, every medicine should be always taken under a strict medical control, being aware of its correct dosage as well as any possible side effect.

Anyway, resorting to some kind of treatment – whether it’s psychological or pharmacological – seems to be the only solution for many male individuals to get back not only their intimate satisfaction (and their fiancées or wives’ one), but also their relational skills in the broadest sense of the term. The truth is that many people are not aware of how vast the range of fields affected by a “simple” erectile dysfunction can be: job, friends, meeting new people or interacting with them. The “collateral damages” of a sexual issue can be manifold.

1.      Anxiety. The subject could feel insecure and not totally unable to perform an action, even something that he’s used to do every day.

2.      Lack of confidence. The subject could project his sexual inability to every action he does, convincing himself that he’s bound to provide a poor performance in every situation.

3.      Self-closure. This sense of inadequacy could gradually lead to a withdraw into himself.

4.      Lack of trust in other people’s help. Finally, the sensation of not being understood and even accepted by the others takes over. This could lead to a self-isolation.

That’s why it’s important to take prompt action to detect and cure the causes of such issues. Because there is more at stake than just a sexual gratification. Sometimes, the entire life of an individual depends on that.


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