How To Care For Your Steampunk Jewelry

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Steampunk jewellery is trending in the fashion realm, and everybody wants their share of this vintage, hardware, and gadgetry-inspired accessory. As it follows, a trend in said realm means a global propagation of these distinctive pieces. Accessories are, still and all, very much a part of one’s outfit, and the very icing of your overall look.

Be that as it may, did you know that steampunk accessories need care and maintenance, too? If you’re unsure of how to do so, here are expert tips on maintaining your steampunk earrings, bracelets, and more. 

Steampunk Jewelry

1. Level-Temperature Storage

The phrase seems a bit on the complex, too-scientific-to-be-practical side. On the contrary, keeping your steampunk jewellery in level-temperature environments simply means that you store them away from direct heat and/or sunlight. Keep them away from areas that are high in humidity or are draft-constants as well. 

How to do this? Place them in a container (or a jewellery box) and let the container sit inside an enclosed fitting. For instance, a dresser draw or cabinet shelf. Be sure that said fitting is away from windows so as not to be in direct contact with heat and/or harsh winds. 

2. Take Off Your Jewellery When Exercising (And When You’re Doing The Laundry, Too) 

Though steampunk jewellery is often composed of durable materials that can withstand wear and tear, they are still susceptible to losing their quality when frequently exposed to certain elements. Sweat is among them. Detergents are another. 

While there are over-the-counter solutions that can be utilized in cleaning them, be sure to take off your earrings whenever you’re headed for a run or are about to do your laundry. 

Steampunk Jewelry

3. No Harsh Chemicals 

In accordance with the paragraph above, you can DIY a cleaning solution in case your dangling earrings are no longer as shiny as they used to be. Mix a mild soap (i.e. Dove) in a bowl of lukewarm water. 

Don’t focus too much on the solution. What’s crucial here is the “how” of cleaning your earrings, which we’ll be discussing next. 

4. The “How” Of Cleaning 

You’ll need two other tools besides the DIY mild-solution. These are a lint-free cloth and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Dampen the bristles of the toothbrush by soaking it in the solution. Then, gently brush the surfaces of your earrings. 

It isn’t about exerting pressure into your brushing. A little patience is required here so continue with gentle repeated strokes until you see a gleam on your earrings. 

5. The Rinse And Dry 

Afterwards, rinse your earrings in clean, soap-free lukewarm water. Ensure that soap suds and residue are completely eliminated. Finally, pat them dry with a lint-free cloth. 

**For more complicated designs and uncommon materials, and as recommended in the owner’s manual, contact your jewellery supplier for steampunk accessories care and maintenance how-tos. 


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