5 original ideas for stag do parties

words Al Woods

One of the biggest rites of passage in a man’s life is when you go from being single to getting married. In the midst of all the courtship and romance you soon find yourself knee-deep in wedding planning, making lists of who to invite and selecting the best caterer, florist and videographer. You have to decide on and book the wedding venue, talk to the priest or minister and handle about a hundred other logistical details.

With everything going on for a wedding, it’s no wonder the groom and his best friends need some time to let loose and blow off a little steam. Stag do parties came on the scene way back in Sparta in Greece, and this ritual of celebration has taken on new, inventive forms over the years. It’s fun to plan the party and create an experience that is unique and truly appreciated by all who attend.

In addition to coming up with the most amazing theme, you’ll also need to find the perfect stag group accommodation. You will want to pick a beautiful place that will accommodate everyone and make sure it’s close to all the special activities or events you have planned.

Rent Out a Brewery

If your mates enjoy great beer why not go full out and rent out a specialty brewery for your party! The brew master can teach you about the art of brewing and take you through the magic of producing incredible craft beer. Plus the flights and tastings will be fantastic, and you will have some great brew to take with you so the party continues through the night.

Zombie Boot Camp

You can never be too careful in life. To make sure your groom is prepared for any zombie eventuality setting up a zombie boot camp as part of your stag do party is a great idea. It’s lots of fun and at the end of the boot camp the groom will be ready to keep his bride safe from a zombie invasion. If you are interested in creating the the best stag do party it helps to review online ideas too.

Road Trip!

What better way to celebrate the rite of marriage than having an epic pre-wedding road trip! You can plan events along the way that mirror the theme of your highway adventure and can even select party houses that are right along your route. Put together a great road trip playlist and think of this adventure as your re-creation of the famous scenes from the movie “Hangover”.

Zorb Football

When planning a stag do party, lots of people like to include outdoor or sports events as part of the program. If you are looking for a memorable, ‘wow that was fun!’ activity then Zorb Football is just the thing for you and your friends. It’s similar to football in that people play in teams against one another. It’s unique because you are playing while enclosed in an inflatable ball from the waist up.

Live Like a Movie Star

If you and your friends are connoisseurs of life you may want to plan a stag do party that fully celebrates the finest things in life. Hire first class movie star transportation and plan on an evening that includes a five star restaurant, amazing wines and after dinner cigars too. Whiskey tasting and hiring a guide to take you to the best spots known to only a few are other great ideas.

Your friend’s wedding is a big event in his life, and your lives too. You will want to set a reasonable budget and come up with an incredible theme and great activities that will be perfect for your groom and all of his friends.


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