Benefits of wearing the proper underwear

words Alexa Wang

wearing proper underwear

As we surf through the internet, we find ourselves drifting to the topics that we are most attracted to. We look at sports, we look at beautiful people, we look at outrage. Very rarely do we go online and check out underwear, especially if you’re a guy.

Everyone reading this probably has a drawer full of two year old underwear that, at the very least doesn’t smell bad and, at the very most, doesn’t have any holes. It’s time to start changing the narrative of underwear. Here are some of the benefits of wearing the proper underwear.

The Right Fit

If you’ve ever thrown on a pair of regular store bought underwear, it’s always a bit of a bummer. They don’t feel nice. They feel like you’re wearing some restrictive loin cloth underneath your fancy jeans. It’s time to get some soft, custom, tailored underwear that fits your body. Undergarment review experts, Undywear know the plight of a new, uncomfortable pair. They know what matters. Imagine wearing a pair you know, from the get go, is going to feel nice. That’s the benefit of reviewing and wearing proper underwear. It feels like it’s barely there. Because, let’s face it, a bulky, restrictive pair does nothing for our comfort. 

Custom Styles

Everybody has their own unique lifestyle. That’s a given. So with all the different kinds of activities and looks that we try to go for, why is there only a handful of underwear styles? Where is the innovation? The past century has not given us the thong for women and boxers for men, and they always fit poorly. Well, proper underwear companies have come up with new solutions for modern problems. If you’re a male athlete who doesn’t like pesky fabric getting in the way of hip mobility while in motion, there’s the active thong. If you’re a lady that’s on her way towards her fitness goals, there’s the combination waist trimmer. If you’re like most guys and you’ve had strange accidents with vertical boxer slits, there’s the horizontal slit. There are so many new and different additions that are, regardless of your initial reaction, making people’s lives seamless and more efficient. 


Something we take for granted is the confidence that underwear gives us. There’s a little inkling in the back of our head knowing that what we’ve got underneath is benefiting us. Whether we’re sitting in a serious board meeting with our sexiest pair underneath the suit, or we’re on a first date with our “lucky” pair. There is power in underwear we often overlook. It may have something to do with the relative taboo of it all. Maybe it’s the fit. Maybe it’s the material. Regardless of what it is, underwear matters to us in a way that we cannot overtly express in public. That, in turn, becomes a silent boost in confidence that we wear in our step and in our smile. 

Proper underwear is more than just an afterthought. It’s part of a daily routine that keeps us anchored throughout the day. Consciously picking and choosing the perfect pair for the day is part of a ritual that will not change anytime soon. So why not invest in a pair of the best underwear you can find? 


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