5 Tips For Planning The Perfect Wedding

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Your wedding is one of the most significant events of your life because this is when you and your partner will declare vows and aspirations as you decide to journey together for the rest of your lives. This is also the time when the two of you will express your commitment to each other, which will be witnessed by your friends and families.

But before you can celebrate that special day with your soon-to-be spouse, you need to exert time and effort to prepare for it. There are a lot of things that go into a wedding – venue, food, entourage, guest list, dresses, giveaways, etc. – and all of these require preparation to ensure that the event will run smoothly.

To make things easier for you, listed below are five tips to help you plan the perfect wedding:

Planning Wedding

Create And Stick To A Realistic Budget

Your wedding is important, but this shouldn’t be the reason why you’ll spend your life’s worth of savings. Keep in mind that your wedding day marks another chapter of your life and spending too much on the ceremony can result in problems in your early marriage days, especially if you’d even get a loan for it.

When planning for the perfect wedding, sit down with your partner, and decide how much you are going to spend on the event. There are many things to consider, especially if you want to include themed bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits to match the wedding. You can determine the price range of weddings in your preferred destination by doing some research online, asking newlywed friends or family members, or inquiring from professional wedding coordinators.

If your budget is a little tight for the ceremony, fret not because there are countless cheap bundles offered by different suppliers today, such as prearranged floral packages. As long as you know where to look, you’ll be able to have that perfect wedding without having to break your bank. 

Consider Hiring A Pro

Planning a wedding isn’t an easy feat because you’ll have to balance your time in meeting different suppliers, and making sure that everyone involved performs their responsibilities and meets their deadlines. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the wedding planning alone as you can always hire coordinators to help you out. 

Hiring a coordinator is a cost-effective investment as they can become your ticket to meet countless wedding suppliers, and turn your unique wedding ideas into reality. Coordinators have years of experience in planning weddings, which means that they’ll know what tasks to prioritize first and what solutions to provide should any issues arise.

Choose Your Wedding Date Carefully

One of the reasons why weddings are memorable is because you’re expected to celebrate this day with your friends and family. However, you won’t be able to achieve this goal if your wedding date doesn’t fit their schedules.

If you want your upcoming event to be attended by everyone on your guest list, talk to them before setting your wedding date. Will your friends and family make it to your wedding if you set it during spring, summer, or winter? Will it matter if the event is scheduled on a weekend or weekday?

Regardless of the date you’re going to pick for your wedding, make sure that it’s amenable to your guest list. Your wedding day will become more memorable if your loved ones are present on the day to witness you and your fiancé’s pact with one another.

Planning Perfect Wedding

Get A Guest Count

Sure, your wedding day happens once-in-a-lifetime but inviting every person you know to witness the event isn’t realistic. Aside from being expensive, having too many people at your wedding will also make it very challenging for you and your partner to spend quality time with your guests. 

When planning for the perfect wedding, have time to discuss with your partner about who will be invited to the event. Are you going to include your co-workers and cousins? Or are you going to invite your immediate family only? Having answers to these questions is essential because aside from having a rough estimate on how much you’re going to spend, getting a guest count will also help you and your partner find the perfect wedding venue.

Book Your Venue Early

Your venue is one of the most crucial elements when planning a wedding because this can significantly influence your budget and the comfort of your guests on the day of the event. Booking a venue that’s too small for your guest list can create stress to the attendees while booking one that’s too big can put a hole in your pocket.

After you’ve determined the number of guests you’re going to invite, decide what setting will you have for your wedding. Do you want the event to be held in a hotel ballroom, outdoor garden, or country club? Aside from the number of guests and your preferred setting, don’t forget to consider the age of your guests. If you have a lot of senior guests, holding your wedding in a venue that’ll require them to take several flights of stairs might not be the best option. 

Once you’ve decided on a wedding venue, have it booked as soon as possible. Most venues are booked at least one year before the event, so booking yours early will lessen your stress as you continue to plan for the event.

Start ASAP

You’ll have a lot of things on your plate once you decide to get wed, which is why it’s best to start preparing for the event as soon as possible after the engagement. It’ll be easier for you to consider options, have enough time for all the preparation, and relieve stress when planning for your wedding.


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