Some of our favourite DIY projects for your home

Sustainability today has multiple footprints in design and online, one of the biggest footprints left is do it yourself projects and home crafts.

DIY projects are influential, interesting and very regardful in general, making this hobby a popular choice for creative minds that need a certain level of personalization in the final item, a customization that can be realized more often than not by their hands only.


Happily, thousands of websites today illustrate step by step tutorials on how you can make pretty much anything, from  small origami and candles up to complex big scale projects like pergolas, garden sheds, fireplaces and water features for your garden.

Without further a due we are going to present you five of our favourite DIY projects at different scales, projects that do make a statement in the world of design and DIY today.

Build a Vertical Garden Out of Plastic Bottles

Salvage used plastic bottles and use them to create a vertical garden that can contain any flower or aromatic plant that you desire, the project can be easily scaled and it can beautifully act as a privacy diy room divider.

Use Bottle Caps to Shape a Map

Simple collections can become piece of art if used creatively, stamps, miniature cars or bottle caps of various kinds can be showcased through different means on different supports. Start collecting the bottle caps that can`t be recycled and use them to shape various elements. A common choice is to use, transform these into wall art on a wooden support, often recycled pallet boards in the shape of your state.

Use Pallets to Construct Raised Garden Beds

It goes without saying that raised garden beds have numerous advantages in gardening and while the project might see futile in the eyes of many when wooden pallets are specified as the main protagonists of the craft, everything changes as the time needed for the preparation is sliced in half.

Make gardening easy, salvage wooden pallets from your local stores, family friends and use them to transform your vegetable garden this year.

Build a Beautiful Dream-catcher

Dream-catchers are mass produced items today, they can be found anywhere and their image is highly commercial but things were very different in their time. A profound meaning defines the beautiful craft.

Make a change in your bedroom with a simple DIY dream-catcher project, build it yourself, forge it with memory and love and infuse your own personality. Do not overlook its significant roots, share its cultural heritage and add authenticity in your home. All with one simple craft. See the tutorial of Homesthetics below for more details on the craft.


Build an Arbor or a Pergola

Time outdoor is time spent right. The happy individual that has a yard, a garden to call his own should take advantage of it to the fullest. DIY projects today are really specific, the illustrations, plans and schemes that you can find online are at a professional level and any individual with power tools and experience can follow them with ease.

Emphasize your green heaven with garden structures that invite beautiful vines into the décor, wisterias, roses, exemplary beauty worth infusing in your décor.

What do you think about the DIY movement? We would love to hear your valuable feedback on the subject in the comment section below.


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