Best tips on how to sell your house quickly

words by Andre Wahlberg

Whether you’re planning on selling your home or have just recently put it on the market, the last thing you’ll want is to be waiting for months and months for it to sell. Not only is this a frustrating set of circumstances, the costs of doing this can begin to get out of hand.

So don’t let this situation become a reality for you if you’re selling your house or flat, instead use some of the following best tips on how to sell your house quickly.

Offer a Fresh Start

A big part of moving house is you want to put your stamp on the new property, so what better way to impress prospective buyers than to offer them a blank canvas of sorts? To do this you should get rid of any garish colours and redecorate the walls, ceilings, skirting boards, coving and other structural areas in plain neutral colours and tones. Equally, repair any minor cracks and get rid of thicker, darker curtains to let in as much light as possible. The added benefit with the latter here is your home will have a pleasant natural feel to it.

Make it Appear to be Low Maintenance

To build on the above, if you have gardens or external aspects that need managing, make these appear to be easy to handle. By this we mean you need to cut back overgrown areas, mow the lawns and clean any grimy or tired looking stonework or masonry on your property.

Price Competitively

Don’t be fooled into thinking a fast sale can be achieved by putting your house on the market for a low price. You should do some research and price competitively as a high price will put people off altogether while a suspiciously low price might deter people by giving them impression there are problems with your property.

Look at the Alternatives

Lastly, you can also avoid going the traditional high-street estate agent route in the first place and use alternative methods to sell your house quickly. Such approaches include listing your home in Property Auctions or by choosing to sell online only. Doing this helps to avoid any estate agent fees, which allows you to make a higher profit. Auctions are useful if you don’t have time to sell the property yourself, whilst selling online only gives you more control over how your property is marketed. Alternatively, you can use a cash buying company who can offer you a quick price.

As aforementioned, you don’t want to be waiting for a long time for you home to sell, so make sure you give some of these approaches a try and afford yourself a swift and hassle-free sale.


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