Strategies to Cure your Slice and Straighten your Flight

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A slice is a golf shot that causes the ball to curve severely while in flight. In most cases, it’s a result of a mishit and the most common problem for high-handicap golfers. The golf ball can curve to the right or left based on whether the golfer is right-handed or left-handed. 

The slice results from the strike location, swing path, or face angle. Whichever the cause, the slice can frustrate a golfer’s experience. Although no equipment can totally eradicate the slice, some drivers tame the shot. 

Let’s look at some strategies that can cure your slice and straighten your flight.

Cure your Slice

1. Find the Right Draw Driver

Evaluating your golfing equipment is the first strategy to straighten your flight. The best driver for a slice allows the golfer to control the ball’s flight path. Adjustable drivers can shift weight to the club head’s heel and increase loft. 

Such is the case with the Callaway Mavrik Driver, which features adjustable loft sleeves. This feature allows the golfer to customize their shot height and straighten the ball’s flight. Another feature to look out for is the aerodynamic crown, which decreases drag on the downswing. 

2. Get the Right Grip

Getting the right grip can straighten your flight and keep the slice at bay. The idea is to maintain a strong grip with your palms parallel to each other. However, the grip should not be so tight as it will be hard to release upon impact. 

Ideally, the grip should be soft and strong. This neutral position allows you to correct the swing path and the clubface position. When done correctly, this will eliminate unintentional slices. 

Avoid gripping the club in an open-faced position. That will often curve the ball to the right or left. To fix it you need to position the clubface in a square set-up. When making the backswing, stop the club once it is parallel to the ground. That prevents the club from rotating open during the backswing. 

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3. Learn How to Make a Perfect Draw Shot

The draw shot is the opposite of a slice. Therefore, learning how to make a perfect draw shot eliminates the slice. That works because you are fixing the root cause of the slice problem. The common causes are set-up issues, swing path, and clubface position. 

The ideal golf draw method sets up the clubface slightly to the right of the target. In this position, your shoulders, hips, and feet should face further to the right compared to the clubface. This setup places the clubface in a closed position relative to the swing path. Thus divulging the draw spin on the ball.

Lastly, make the swing along the line of your shoulders, hips, and feet. The swing should hit the ball to the right while allowing the clubface to curve the ball to the left. Remember to maintain a closed clubface position. 

4. Follow Through and Finish Strong 

A strong follow-through plays a huge role in the flight taken by the ball. That’s a way to ensure that the previous steps are enforced in the draw. To finish strong, your right shoulder should face the target. This stance helps with shoulder rotation and weight transferral. It also helps the golfer to maintain an inside-out swing path on the ball.

The Takeaway

Shaping your shots goes a long way in instilling confidence in your game. That’s why drawing is an important tool in curing your slice. The same applies to a driver, which can be likened to a loaded gun. It’s a great tool to have, provided you know how to use it.


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