Chill out round the pool in style enjoying the latest tunes

Chill out round the pool in style enjoying the latest music – words Alexa Wang

If you’re revelling in a winter sun destination such as Thailand or Australia this winter, or you’re enjoying the luxury of the sun in your home country, then you’re going to want to chill out round the pool in style.

Whether you’ve got the latest Ray Ban sunglasses or some of the newest Thomas Royall clothing which will really show off your sense of style, there are plenty of ways that you can chill out while still looking as stylish as ever.

You can truly top off this chill out moment by putting in your headphones and listening to the latest music. But what is the latest music you ask? Well fortunately for you we’ve put together a list of the latest tracks that can keep you in the summer mood, while you’re lounging by the pool.



Chainsmokers have been taking over the charts since 2014 after their hit song #Selfie, but their latest collaboration with Halsey known as Closer is the perfect summer track which you are going to quickly learn the words to. You’ll find yourself singing along to this exciting track in no time, and if you haven’t heard it before then you probably haven’t been listening to the radio in a while.  With other singles such as Roses and Don’t Let Me Down having reached the top 10, if you’re a fan of summery dance tracks, then make sure to turn to Chainsmokers.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been taking the world by storm since his 2015 album Purpose, and with the help of Major Lazer, Diplo and more, there’s been plenty of summer tracks to enjoy. The latest, a collaboration with Major Lazer for the song Cold Water, has been a huge hit, perfect for listening to around the pool to get in the summer vibe. Whether you’re with friends ready to dance or you’re on your own with your headphones, this track is ideal for any moment.

Jordan MacKampa

If you’re looking for something a bit more soulful when it comes to listening to music around the pool, then turn to Jordan MacKampa’s debut EP ‘Physics’. You’ll be taken on an emotional journey alongside MacKampa’s soulful voice and with a varied sound, you can be sure that you will be ultimately captivated. Although this may not have a happy summery vibe, you can be certain that you will be chilled out completely with this soulful EP.

Pixie Geldof

If you’re looking for one of the most heart-felt and captivating albums of the year then turn to Pixie Geldof’s debut album ‘I’m Yours’. This is one of the newest and most heart-felt albums that you will hear, diving through the midst of her struggle to cope with the passing of her sister Peaches in 2014. Having previously written Libertines influenced music under the name of Violet six years ago, there’s an interesting blend of familiar country music with dream-pop and ballads. While it may not be an album suited to everyone’s taste, if you’re looking for an album to chill out to and reflect with, then this is it.

Chill out round the pool in style enjoying the latest music – words Alexa Wang


Justin Bieber image copyright Adam Sundana



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