Contacts or glasses? What is the best option for you?

Contacts Or Glasses? What Is the Best Option For You?

The eyes are considered the windows to a person’s soul, and these are very important in your day to day activities. However, eyes often get hazy or unclear due to a number of factors like stress, poor habits and genetics. When your eyes no longer have the coveted 20-20 vision, you have to make use of correction tools like contact lenses or Firmoo eyeglasses.

There are various discussions on which eye accessory is better than the other; however, there is no clear winner between the two choices. People choose their eyewear according to their needs and wants, so the preference takes precedence over everything else.

Contact Lenses

Contacts or contact lenses are small, lightweight and thin pieces of plastic that are attached directly to your eyes. You can get one from Contact lenses come in different colors, shapes and sizes, often customized according to preference or eye grade. Contact lenses are classified according to the following:

  • clear graded lenses known as corrective contact lenses
  • colored graded lenses known as fashion corrective contact lenses
  • colored non-graded lenses known as fashion or cosmetic contact lenses

Before talking about the contacts’ key points, you should know the key characteristics of its rival, the eyeglasses.


Glasses or eyeglasses are framed eye wears that have hooks that latch onto your ear for attachment. These have different frame shapes, lens types, hook types and nose pad shapes. There are many different kind of glasses available, and just as many types of lenses such as:

  • polycarbonate
  • trivex
  • high-index plastic
  • aspheric
  • photochromic
  • polarized sunglasses
Determining the Best Option

Here are some determining factors on which kind of eye wear you should be using:

  1. Special eye conditions

If you have a clear vision then you only need to wear what you want. If you have eye conditions then you can consult your optometrist about your options. Some cases can easily be treated by correctional contact lenses; however, certain eye conditions can only be treated by special kind of lenses. Here are some of the issues that need eyeglasses:

  • astigmatism with special lenses according to type
  • severe myopia or severe nearsightedness with concave lenses
  • severe hyperopia or severe farsightedness with convex lenses

Since contact lenses are directly placed over your eyeballs, having special form could scratch and strain your eyes in the long run. While there are correctional contacts made for the purpose of reshaping your cornea, some people are too sensitive for them. Having the lenses secured outside of your eyes will help you see clearer without worrying about scratching your actual eyeball.

If you have a severe eye condition then the best option would be glasses. You can consult your doctor before trying corrective contact lenses.

  1. Comfort

If you’re lucky enough, you don’t need to consider your eye wear based on eye problems or issues. Aside from having eye condition, you should consider your comfort. Here are some considerations on comfort for contact lenses and eyeglasses:

  • Contact lenses need to be pressed into your eyes every time you need them so it may become uncomfortable after a duration.
  • You need to make sure that your eyes are properly hydrated so your lenses don’t scratch your eyeballs.
  • You have to bring eye drops for moisturization and lens cleansers in case your contact lenses get dirty.
  • Eyeglasses don’t need to come in direct contact with your eyeballs.
  • Glasses are measured and adjusted before purchase.
  • You can take your glasses off immediately if you ever get uncomfortable. Because it doesn’t have direct contact with your eyes, it’s more suitable for daily use.
  1. Aesthetics

People wear contacts or glasses to look good as well. Here are some of the fashion and aesthetic considerations:

  • Contact lenses are more natural-looking and some colored lenses can make you have certain eye colors that would make you more attractive and fashionable.
  • If you want to emphasize on your facial features, you can wear contacts so you won’t cover your face.
  • Eyeglasses can slightly change the shape of your face because it comes in contact with your nose bridge and cheek.
  • Your corrective eyeglasses intended for daily use may not always match the color of the clothes you’re intending to wear.

It’s important to take good care of your eyes and their accessories, and experts like Pure Optical say it’s even more important that you consider all the variables. Contact lenses and glasses have their own respective uses, appeal and function and it’s up to you to consider what kind of functionality you want to put value in.

There is no right or wrong answer, as long as you are comfortable in what you’re using and you are not being forced into following what’s popular or trendy.


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