Jim is driven to a mystery location each month

Jim is driven to a mystery location each month – words Alan Woods

As we get older we sometimes lose touch with our families and friends. People can end up in a lonely place, too anxious to ask for help.

This can lead to older people stuck on their own and disconnected with the rest of their peers.


To try and overcome this a national charity called Contact the Elderly have come up with a unique and innovative way of bringing these people back into the fold. It is supported by Esso who contribute towards its unique and valuable work.

Meet Jim, in the short film, as he invites us to join him for tea courtesy of Esso and Contact the Elderly. He is picked up by one of their drivers who whisks him away to meet up with a crowd of fellow older folk for a spot of afternoon tea. It’s like having your own personal chauffeur who arrives and then you are driven to a mystery location each month

The organisation is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who organise monthly meetings for the elderly. These can be in some surprising locations and feature some great events all with an element of fun. It’s open to people aged 75 and over and are living alone. It brings people who lead isolated lives together who establish new friendships.

To learn more, visit contact-the-elderly.org.uk

Jim is driven to a mystery location each month – words Alan Woods



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