Creative And Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas For The Music Lover

words Alexa Wang

Nowadays, proposals seem to be getting bigger and grander as people have been coming up with elaborate plans to pop the question. Have a scroll through Instagram and you’ll see over-the-top proposals that include billboards and parties, while YouTube has numerous proposal videos involving flash mobs and even a dubbed Disney proposal in a cinema.

Although these proposals may have garnered thousands of likes on social media, a unique and heartfelt proposal that reminds your loved one of your deep connection may be even better than the most elaborate setup. Keeping your partner’s interests in mind will also help to make your proposal successful, so if your loved one likes music, why not plan your ultimate romantic gesture around music? If your partner is a musician or is a certified audiophile, here are some creative and romantic marriage proposal ideas that will get them to say I do.

Marriage Proposal Ideas

Create an original proposal song

A successful proposal can lead to many months of preparation for the ceremony, so being in a positive and calm mindset should be a priority before you make plans to propose. Give yourself enough time to do everything and ask for help if you need it. Remember that a proposal and all the things that come after it are supposed to bring you joy, so look after your mental wellbeing while you’re planning so you can look back with fondness at these special moments in your life.

One of the most romantic ways to propose to your loved one is to come up with an original song to pop the question. You can certainly compose your own song, but if your musical abilities need some work, consider using the melody of any song, but change up the lyrics to make it more personal. Perform the song on the day of your proposal, or upload it to Soundcloud or YouTube and let your significant other watch or listen to it. Make sure to have the ring in your pocket so you can give it to them near the end of the song.

Hire a local musician for a private concert

You’ve probably seen videos of famous singers such as Katy Perry, Kesha, and Adele helping their fans propose to their loved ones at their respective concerts. While this is guaranteed to get you a yes, there’s an easier and more private way to get someone to serenade you and your partner while you propose, and that’s by hiring a local musician to give you a private concert. This is a good choice, especially if your significant other is shy or if they don’t like crowds. Make arrangements for the musician to sing for you while having dinner at a private place, then propose while they’re playing your partner’s favorite song.

Make a mixtape

Creating a romantic mixtape is another unique way to propose to your loved one. Make a mixtape out of your partner’s favorite songs, then at some point in the mixtape, add a recording of your voice telling your significant other how much they mean to you. Play the mixtape while you’re on a long drive, then stop the car and pop the question. 

Music lovers will appreciate a heartfelt proposal that’s tailored to their interest, so consider any of these marriage proposal ideas to pop the question. Remember to plan your proposal well and have fun every step of the way!


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