7 modern marriage proposal ideas for every couple

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About time you took that relationship a step further and proposed to your beloved. It’s a very important event of your lives and you’re looking for the perfect ways to propose. This is because, as much as you love her, you went to make it one to remember.

This post shows you major modern proposal ideas for her. These proposal ideas range from using trained animals to wedding bible verses treasure hunt, going up the clouds and more. Go through all 7 of them, and see what appeals to you. Every single idea for a proposal we’ve listed is fun and budget-friendly.

See which one you favor the most.

Treasure hunt

Whoever knew that one could feature wedding bible verses in proposals! This is one of the most unique marriage proposals ever. Perfect for an indoor proposal, take verses from parts of the Bible like songs of Solomon and attach them to clues. These clues must guide end lead her to the destination you want. By the time she gets to the end of the clues, she meets you there. And then you go on your knees and pop the question. Perfect!

Concert style proposal

This is one of the fun ways to propose to the woman in your life. Over time, both of you would have mutual music favorites. Get tickets for two to the concert. While everyone is on a high, go on one knee and propose. The audience will be all too eager to charge up the atmosphere. In another way, you could talk with the organizers to let you come on stage. And there you’d propose to her shock. She’d squeal for a while.

A trip to memory street

For all the times you’ve been together, you’ve traveled places, taken pictures and made memories. Gather all these memories and stick notes behind each of them. Put each of these memories into independent gift boxes, then put them all into a maxi box. Arrange them in a fashion that the ring will be the last. Then put a note on the box that she must open them in their order. As she goes down Memory Lane with each note telling her what she means to you, she becomes nostalgic. And then, she happens on the ring box at the bottom. One of the most romantic ways to propose!

marriage proposal ideas


In the clouds with love

Are you a couple that hardly has time to stay together? This is a great idea for a proposal. Get on a flight both of you, and mid-flight, pop that question. A proposal in the sky, a million miles away from the ground, isn’t one girl would forget in a hurry.

If she’s coming to you, do it at the airport. A placard with her name and your last name will make her question what’s going on. When she gets within view, go on one knee and ask for her hand.

Wall climbing

On this, the help of someone should be enlisted. This is a very excellent idea for a proposal for couples who love adventure and extreme sports. As you both climb the wall, ask for friends to form a camp below with a banner and the ring. Once both of you come back down, she’ll see the formation below. Then you’ll get the ring and ask for her hand.

It’s more romantic when she sees the ring at the top of the wall. But we are skeptical due to accidents. In the course of excitement, she could lose her grip, and we don’t want that. So, it’s safer having a proposal down the wall.

Intimate dinner

This is classic, evergreen, the age-long and one of the most romantic ways to propose. Proposing to your girlfriend at dinner, before friends and family, is always beautiful. It’s always great to get good news in the midst of the ones you love.

It could also be an intimate dinner for two, with music serenading in the background. This works best for couples who are private. Or couples who want to relish the good news before sharing.

Cute trained animals

Trained animals can play a big role in this special day. It could be in the house with the help of yours or a family dog. Put the message of where to meet you around the dog’s neck. Once the dog goes to your girl, and she sees this message, she’ll seek you out, and meet you on bended knee. The dog can also be well enlisted to help pop the question. Simply attach cardboard with the question around the dog’s neck. This is a very cute way to propose to your girlfriend.

dog proposal


Above are 7 fun ways to propose to your girlfriend. Pick any of them, apply, and be well guaranteed a yes!


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