How to set up your own hairdressing business

How to set up your own hairdressing business – words Alexa Wang

hairdressing business

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If you have always had a dream of opening up a salon, the best time to do that is now. The Professional Beauty Association reports that the salon industry is growing and will continue to do so.

Even if the timing is right, you will still face stiff competition from other people in this business. To help you in opening up a salon and generating sales on your own, there are some tips you can follow to get your business up and running. Here is what you need to do to succeed.

Create a business plan

No business runs well without a business plan. You need a roadmap that guides your business in succeeding. An excellent business plan is one that outlines what your enterprise is, how it can succeed and how you can deal with problems. Having a plan can help you stay on the right track.

hairdressing business

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Get capital for your business

Whether you are getting the money to start your salon from a bank, a team of investors or from family members, it is crucial to know the amount of money you need and where it will come from.

Find a mentor

When you are planning to start a business, it is wise to get a business mentor. Look for somebody in this industry who can answer all the questions you may have as you start the business and as you expand it.

hairdressing business

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Use an inventory and accounting software

Keeping track of your revenue and growth of the business is vital. Therefore, use accounting and inventory software so you can track all your revenue and expenses. You also need to plan how to pay your taxes. You can discuss this with a certified public accountant.

Invest in high-quality hair styling tools and accessories

You also need to right tools of the trade to attain the desired outcome. High-quality tools enable hair stylists to color, style and cut hair effectively. To ensure expert-caliber results, invest in the salon-quality versions of multi-purpose tools like blow-dryers, round brushes, detangling combs, and flatirons. It is also advisable to invest in hairdressing scissors. By investing in stylish and high-quality scissors, you can provide your customers with a clean and easy cut. The hair styling experts at Scissor Tech UK recommend the use of a wide variety of scissors that are durable and ergonomically designed.

Find the precise location

A spot on location makes the difference between succeeding and failing. Pick a location that has good traffic, is highly visible and is close to where your target clients live or work. Visit different places with a realtor so you can view different locations and opt for the one that suits your client base. You should also consider if there is enough parking space or how your customers can get to your Salon. Now, to help you better understand if your Salon is easily accessible by foot and public transport, you can use a Map Radius and Proximity Tool. It will help you narrow down the main public transportations available in a given area and help you visualize both the density of available public transport and their distances relative to your Salon.

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Design the salon around the clients you want

Ensure that before picking out the furniture and painting the walls, the design matches the customers you desire to attract. Ensure that your salon is a place where customers feel comfortable when they come in and will always want to come back. If you wish to attract the younger generation, choose fun and bold colors. If you want high-end clients, go for modern and sophisticated looks. Tailor the look of your salon to the intended customer base.

Offer excellent customer service

After creating an environment that customers love, you also need to offer excellent customer service. Give a good experience to your clients, not just the service. A good experience keeps the customers coming back repeatedly.

Starting a salon business is a bold undertaking, and it is critical to plan properly and be ready to find out what will work best for the business. You will spend a relatively significant amount of money and time getting your salon on its feet but you will definitely reap the benefits of owning a sought after hair salon.


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