Can you go organic with your style and still save?

Can you go organic with your style and still save? – words Alexa Wang

Avid readers of this blog will know that we are all about saving and keeping things natural on this blog. You might not think so at first, but beauty is a clear part of this process. Let’s face it, makeup can cost an actual fortune. It’s possible to spend as much on makeup as you do on a small car if you add it all up through the year!

The other issue is that a lot of makeup is made up of manmade and artificial materials. Studies have shown time and time again that these materials will have an impact on the health of your skin and your general health. You might find that your skin has started to lose its natural colour tone. Or, you may notice that you are struggling with more issues like acne and flaking skin. These are both clear signs that you are damaging your skin and there’s a high chance it’s all to do with the makeup that you might be wearing on a daily basis.

So are there alternatives on the market?

How Large Is The Organic Makeup Market?

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Quite large and it’s not an exaggeration to say that virtually every major makeup brand is trying their hand here. Some are obviously better than others, but the fact is that there’s a wide enough variety for everyone to explore this option.

It doesn’t matter what type of style you’re seeking out. You might have been exploring this no-make makeup AVON guide and you’ll be thrilled to hear that AVON does have completely natural skin products. So, you can create a no-makeup look with organic products from this top producer.

There are also niche companies that focus entirely on organic makeup products. So, if you are switching for moral or ethical purposes, then you may want to consider investing in products from a smaller brand or team like this. Pay attention to businesses that clearly advertise their goals and the moral stance of their company.

Is It More Expensive?

Most organic products are by design, more expensive. For instance, organic milk takes more time, effort and capital to produce. As such it will always have a higher price tag than those that might include artificial items within the production process. Makeup is to an extent the same, however, there are low budget options available on the market right now.

You can pick up fantastic organic makeup products for no more than $20. This is a fantastic saving and really does break the concept that organic makeup has to be expensive.

As already mentioned, these do come in a variety of different styles too. So whether you want a glowing or dewy finish, a dash of colour or dense, opaque lashes you can find it all on this particular market.

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Benefits Of All Natural Makeup

We’ve already mentioned one of the most significant benefits of using all natural makeup. With these products, you can protect your skin and your general health but that’s not the only advantage. Some people actually suggest that natural makeup looks better too. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether this is true when you start using the products. However, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and even celebrities are starting to buy into this trend. From Shailene Woodley to Liv Tyler, actresses are embracing the natural look in more ways than one.

Of course, there are also plenty of other incredible benefits too. Are you worried about the environment? Well, natural products are better for the planet because other makeup uses petroleum-based materials. The substances are harsh and as such require deep mining. That means by purchasing these products, you could be contributing to the destruction of the rainforest. Going green with makeup can help ensure you avoid these issues.

Can makeup actually be good for your skin? If you use natural products it certainly can. How does this work? Well, your skin will typically absorb nutrients. Natural makeup is filled with nutrients that can benefit your skin and provide the beautiful complexion that you want at the same time. Great ingredients from apricots to cocoa butter are all used when creating the natural makeup you can consider purchasing on the market.

We hope this helps you see that you can benefit from using natural makeup, save money and even aid the planet all at the same time. When you start exploring the market, you’ll find that there plenty of brilliant budget-friendly choices to consider.

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