How to wear ethnic jewelry

How to wear ethnic jewelry – words Alexa Wang

A piece of jewelry can, without a doubt, bring any outfit to a whole new level. Whether it is a casual daytime look or an elegant style for a dinner at a restaurant, a statement ornament will give the final and the dominant touch to the outfit. Therefore, if you want to freshen up your usual jewelry style with something beautiful and unique, ethnic jewelry may be the right choice for you.
There is a number of ways to create a modish outfit with ethnic jewelry and here are some suggestions:

A stunning and a colorful necklace can brighten up a standard white T-shirt and jeans combinations. Try matching a choker ethnic necklace with an off-the-shoulder top. This way, the beauty of the jewelry will be more noticeable while simultaneously keeping up with the fashion trends, as off-the-shoulder tops are very fashionable at the moment.

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Another great option is to use a simple silver chain and add an effective pendant to it. You can find many impressive pendants if you search online for orthodox jewelry, and you will see many different kinds of exquisite ethnic pieces. This one-of-a-kind necklace will go superbly with a V-neck silk blouse and a pair of wide trousers, thus making your look elegant and chic.

If you want a truly sophisticated look, you should try wearing a pearl necklace with stringed emeralds on top of a classic roll neck. Pair it with a pencil skirt and stilettos, and your style will be appropriate and effective.


Charm bracelets with turquoise gems are the focus piece of a trendy, summer look. They will create a lovely holiday outfit when matched with a light summer dress, like a floaty maxi dress.

A chunkier ethnic piece on your wrist can also spice up almost any style. If you are going for a night out, you can include a chunky bracelet bejeweled with a few colorful stones. Stacking a couple of ethnic cuff bracelets can give a dazzling touch to a formal suit you would wear for business meetings. On the other hand, ethnic Indian bangles will give a sense of sophistication to a simple fitted dress. You may opt to wear a charming gold bangle when going out for lunch, which will make you look great in some casual linen trouser and a monochromatic shirt.

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Ethnic earrings are most commonly associated with a free spirit and boho style. However, this doesn’t mean that a gorgeous pair of beaded earring can’t be a part of a different look. You can opt to wear them even with your business attire if, of course, that goes along the company’s dress code. More delicate, gold or precious stone ethnic earrings can be a great accessory to an elegant outfit, matched with a satin dress and some nude stilettos.

Bigger and vibrant-colored earrings will go perfectly with any summer look. A maxi dress will get a new level of chic when paired with such earrings. The same applies to jumpsuits and rompers, which are in trend every summer. By adding a unique pair of earrings to the outfits such as the mentioned ones, you are able to enjoy a style that is comfortable and fashionable, yet quite original.


If ethnic earrings can go with almost any outfit, rings go with all possible styles. For many girls and women, rings are a part of an everyday style. Some have a special meaning attached to them, while you wear others because you simply love a beautiful ethnic ring. Whether it is one bejeweled with some coral gems or a more tribal one, a statement ring will make you look like a trendsetter in your cotton T-shirt and a pair of trendy jeans. It’s completely up to you if you will only wear one or two or stack a few rings, combining the colorful, dominant ones with those a bit more subtle and delicate.


This type of jewelry is not really a part of everyday accessorizing. Gorgeous ethnic anklets are subtle pieces of jewelry. You can wear them with a simple summer beach look or with a monochromatic fitted dress and some high heels when you go out with your friends.

In the end, it should be said that ethic jewelry is a unique and exquisite way of accessorizing. Depending on your own personal style and the occasion, you can choose which ornament to wear. The important thing is not to be shy when styling them with your other fashion pieces.

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