How to Apply a Clay Face Mask

words Al Woods

Over the past few years using a face mask at home has skyrocketed in popularity. It is relaxing and great for your face so it is not shocking.

You may have already used a few yourself and are now ready to try a clay mask. Clay masks offer great benefits but they do need to be applied a certain way to get the best results.

Apply Face Mask

Preparing a Clay Mask

Very few clay masks will be ready to use when you purchase them so you will need to mix the clay face mask before applying it. You will need to gather a few things to prepare the mask.

          You Will Need:
  • Glass or plastic bowl (not metal)
  • Plastic or wood spoon (not metal)
  • The dry clay

Make sure that you do not use a metal bowl or spoon the clay will stick to anything metal. Start by looking at the packaging of your mask. It should instruct you on what ratio of water and clay to use to prepare the mask. Once you add the clay and water use the spoon to stir until the desired texture is achieved you may have to add more water if the mask is too thick or more clay if it is too thin. Once it is ready you are ready to pamper yourself.

Apply Clay Face Mask

Applying a Clay Mask

The first thing you need to do is cleanse your face. Make sure that it is clean and dry before you start. If you have a toner use it as your last step before applying the mask. Allow the toner to dry before starting. Make sure that you have the clay mask that you mixed earlier nearby and a clay mask applicator brush.

Take the brush and dip it into the mask start the application on your neck you want the product to be about one-eighth of an inch thick. Use strokes that are going up your neck when you get to your chin start your strokes in the center of your face and go out work your way up and do not place the mask on the sensitive skin under your eyes. Also do not get the clay into your eyebrows.

Follow the instructions on the package for how long to keep the mask on. Do not allow the clay to dry all the way. When it is time to remove the mask. Get a warm damp cloth and easily wipe away the mask. Make sure to get all the clay off of your face. Then use your toner again to rebalance the PH of your skin. Once that dries moisturize your face extremely well and your spa treatment is finished

What Clay Mask to Use

When you are trying to pick the best clay face mask you need to make sure it has all-natural ingredients. It will be best if it is made of Australian yellow clay. Also, the main ingredient should be something very beneficial like Vitamin C. You should not use a clay face mask daily most people will find using it once a week will be plenty. Some people do build up to using them as many as 4 times a week but do not start with that regiment.

You are now a clay face mask scholar. You know how to mix the mask, how to apply it, and when to use it. Now it is time for you to get online and purchase the perfect mask. You deserve to be pampered and the sooner you get your mask the sooner you can be setting in your tub relaxing with your clay face mask on.


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