Spain: one of the best tourist destinations

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If you have not yet visited Spain, deciding on your next tourist destination should not be a challenge. Spain is among the most visited countries globally.

Its unique physical features, language and culture, are among the things that make it an attractive tourist destination.Some tourists end up residing in Spain through programs such as the golden visa, learn more about the golden visa here. The following are some of the features that make Spain an ideal tourist destination.

spain tourist destination

Fantastic Cuisine

Food is one of every culture’s most conspicuous elements and Spain’s is exquisite. The cuisine in Spain is fantastic with a broad category of foods to choose from and varies from one place to another. It is famous for its delicacy and flavour. Some Spanish foods such as tacos are found in other parts of the world, but you do not know how delicious it is until you have had it in Spain. Traditional dishes like chorizo, seafood stew and paella are served across local restaurants and the lively tapas bars that decorate Spanish cities. Eating street foods across the streets of Spanish towns will give you an authentic experience and satisfy your appetite at the same time. You do not have to go to an expensive restaurant to have a great meal in Spain.

Clean Beaches

Spain’s coastline stretches for approximately 5000 miles and contains thousands of beaches. These beaches include various tourist attractions such as exclusive resorts, popular alcoves, and the sun’s brilliant shine. Similarly, Spanish beaches are famed for their crystal-clear turquoise waters and top-tier hygiene conditions. They are among the world’s cleanest beaches that even have access to for people with disabilities.

The Sun

The strategic geolocation of Spain makes it the sunniest region in all of Europe. Spain is a plain, and it receives well above 300 days of sunshine a year. Which stretch into the other seasons, with half of Europe frozen you can be guaranteed Spain is as sunny as ever. Sun basking is among the significant reasons you should visit the famous Islands of Spain such as Ibiza and enjoy its variety of beaches. Contemporary medical research has revealed multiple benefits of the sun or the vitamin D acquired from the sun. They include bone strengthening and the prevention of some diseases such as cancer.


Spain is home to some of the world’s loveliest cities, from Seville, Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia. Barcelona alone is home to a soccer stadia collection and has a beautiful Mediterranean coastline, medieval monasteries of the mountains, Romanesque art collections, and Roman ruins. The city dates back to 2000 years ago, giving it a deep cultural heritage. Impressive museums, shopping destinations, architectural and cultural scenery, art, and terrific foods define most Spanish cities.


There are various colourful annual festivals across every Spanish city. There must be a festival in Spain at least once a month in Spain, a rare habit in most places in the world. The celebration of the patios, for instance, takes place during the first two weeks of the fifth month in Cordoba. During this festival, residents decorate their patio with colourful flowers and tiles then compete on who has the most beautiful patio. There are also religious festivals in Seville and Malaga, and they attract the attendance of millions of people.


Art occupies an important place in the history of Spain. Prominent museums such as Madrid’s archaeological museum are filled with artistic evidence from ancient inhabitants of the country, such as Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths. Also, going north we must mention the famous Guggenheim Museum at Bilbao which is located in the city centre, near the beautiful Líbere apartments. The Moorish occupation that the Catholic Monarchs overthrew led to the rise of the most magnificent architectural marvels such as the Mezquita, Alhambra Palace, and the Alcazar Palace in Seville. From churches to magnificent ancient palaces, Spain is full of artistic connotations dating back centuries that make it an ideal travel destination for art lovers.


Spain’s climatic condition, characterized by cool mornings and warm days, allows for the grapevine’s perfect growth. This, alongside sophisticated technology across wineries in the country, makes it one of the best wine producers globally. Spain produces a wide variety of wines from the various Rioja, Ribera del Duero regions. Some of the popular types of Spanish wine include the sherries from Jere de la Frontera, muscatel from Malaga, and the cava from Catalunya.

Ancient Castles and Towns

Many castles were built for defence during the reconquest between the crusaders and Moors. Most were left demolished due to the war. Some were destroyed due to political disagreement between the King and the nobles. Presently, many of these castles have been transformed into hotels and restaurants. There are also ancient towns with little transformation and wonder to visit despite most lacking reasonable access to transport. They include Santillana del Mar and Besalu

Because of its physical endowment and its people’s contagious culture, many visitors to Spain decide to reside there. Their Spanish authorities have options for both long-term and short-term Spanish residence. One such option is the Golden visa, which allows qualified applicants to live within Spain’s borders. Learn more about the golden visa here.


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